Genshin Impact Shenhe Compilation Guide

Another child was welcomed by the affectionate cloud retainer, and this time, it is another character of Cry. Gansu? I have never heard of her: Hence is the new Chris orphan in the city. But, who is the mysterious Hence, and what is her purpose in East’s world?

Read on to learn how to build the distant exorcist in the Hence Decorator Hence Construction Guide.

IMPACT GENGHIS Hence Compilation Guide — Equipment Role

Cryogenic characters are some of the best units available in impact Gen shin and are dominating the goal. Ayala, Gansu, Eula and even Diana are immensely powerful characters who occupy a prominent place in the level lists. Hence does not seem to be different despite not fitting into a role of DPS.

It makes sense, then, that Hence exists as an extension of these Cry characters: a support unit. Hence’s purpose is largely promoting and strengthening the cryogenic allies of it.

IMPACT GENGHIS Hence Construction Guide — Talents

Hence Normal attack: Dawn star drilling machine

  • Hence’s normal attack: She performs up to five consecutive spear strokes.
    • Shenhe-loaded attack: Consume a certain amount of endurance to throw forward and inflict damage to the opponents on the road.
    • Hence immersion attack: She throws from the air to hit the ground underneath, damaging the opponents along the way and inflicting AOE DMG when impacted.

HENCE Elementary Skill: Invocation of the Spring Summit

Hence inflicts Cry DMG differently depending on whether she is pressed or holding down the Elemental Skill button. She also gives the allies the Icy Quill effect.

  • When she is pressed: Drive Cry DMG to the opponents along a straight path.
  • When she is celebrated: AOE treatment Cry DMG.
    • Frosted feather: When normal, loaded and immersion attacks, elementary skills and elementary bursts inflict cryogenic damage to opponents, damage inflicted increases depending on the current Hence ATK.

Hence Elemental Burst: Liberation of Divine Conceal

Hence unleashes the power of Talisman Spirit, allowing him to roam freely on this plane, inflicting AOE Cry DMG.

  • Spirit Talisman: She creates an AOE field that reduces Cry RES and Physical RES of the opponents inside him. She also distributes Cry DMG newspaper to the opponents inside the field. The characters inside the field also get 15% of TRIO DMG, Elemental Skill DMG, Elemental Burst DMG, Normal, Charged and Lung DMG Bonus.

IMPACT GENGHIS Hence Construction Guide — Artifacts

Nobility requires

A commonly used set in support and suburbs characters.

  • The bonus of the two-piece set. It is an increase of 20% in Elemental Burst DMG.
  • The four-piece set bonus. It is a 20% ATQ increase bonus for all teammates, which is granted when the artifact holder uses the elementary burst of it.

Hence’s ability to reinforce the DMG outputs of the allies can be further increased with the use of nobles must be required. It is absolutely essential in any support character, but especially in Hence.

Slutable from Vertical

The Blizzard Strayed set is commonly used in Cry characters.

  • The bonus of the two-piece set. Grants a 15% pulse to Cry DMG.
  • The bonus of the set of four pieces. Increase its critical rate by 20%. Frozen enemies give the characters an additional 20%, raising the critical rate at 40%.

Assuming that Hence is not being fully built as a support unit, throwing two pieces of Blizzard Strayed along with two pieces of nobles must not be a bad choice. This set would increase the general production of Hence Cry DMG, converting it into a more useful DPS.

IMPACT GENGHIS Hence Construction Guide — Weapons

Calamity Exterminator

A 4-star assembly weapon that can be desired on the banner of weapons.

  • Secondary statistics increases ATQ at a maximum of 16.5%.
  • Passive grants a 12% Bonus of Elemental DMG. It grants an accumulation of consummation after using an elementary ability, which causes the ATQ to increase by 3.2% every second. This is maximized in six batteries for six seconds. The ATK bonus increases when the character is not in the field.

Calamity Mueller is the best weapon in Hence’s slots by a multitude of reasons, being the main ATK bonus granted outside the field. For any support, a skill like this is immensely powerful, since it gives them time to the main characters of DPS to make DMG while.

The capture

A 4-star ASIA weapon available as a limited event reward.

  • Secondary statistics that increases energy recharge at a maximum of 45.9%
  • Liabilities that increases the damage to elementary explosion by 16% and the critical rate of elementary explosion by 6%.

«The Catch» is a free weapon that fits perfectly into the Hence Kit. Energy recharge is beneficial for any character that depends on a large extent from your burst to provide use and liabilities can also benefit a Hence more oriented to DPS.

Spine to heaven

A 5-star assembly weapon that can be desired on the banner of weapons.

  • Secondary statistics increases energy recharge at a maximum of 36.8%.

In addition, it increases the critical rate by 8-16% and the ATK speed by 12%. It has a 50% chance that a normal attack hit will activate a vacuum sheet that generates between 40% and 100% ATK as a small AOE damage.

SKYWARD SPINE is a safe option for almost all Asia weapons users, especially for those who use Elemental Burst frequently. The increase of 36.6% in the energy recharge is not as much as the other two weapons on this list, but it is difficult to overlook an increased critical rate, as well as the ATK speed.

IMPACT GENGHIS Hence Compilation Guide — Composition of the equipment

Hence’s ability to promote Cry Allies and physical harm means that most (if not all) of her allies will be Cry users. Since Cry is currently goal, this means that Hence’s team’s compositions will be able to do some of the greatest damage that the game has not yet seen.

A team for Hence could be like this:

  • Ayala (Cryogenic main DPS)
  • Hence (cryogenic support / sub DPs)
  • Bárbara (Hydro Healer)
  • Sucrose (AEMO Sub DPS / Crowd Control))

Ayala is the main DPS of this team, and she will remain in the field most of the time. To prepare Ayala, first, we see Barbara activate her elementary skill, which will surround the allies with Hydro and keep them cured. Sucrose should attract enemies with her elementary ability. Hence will then activate the elementary ability and explosion of it to freeze the enemies and distribute Cry DMG. Ayala will enter the field, activate the elementary explosion of it and use charged attacks, causing an immense amount of damage. Rinse and repeat this formula for a solid composition of the equipment.

This works due to Hence’s ability to promote Ayala’s Cry DMG. The team also has a cryogenic resonance, which increases the critical rate.

Hence’s sorrows forced her to recline while she, like Gansu, struggles to fit into human society. To be able to call home to the prosperous port of Life is nothing more than a distant dream for Hence, but with the help of the favorite traveler of all, maybe she’s sleep is more than possible as it seems.

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