Fortnite: Chopped floors will come back with the 19.10 patch

Epic Games hFortnite Battle confirmed on its social networks the return of chopped floors ( tilted towers in English), one of the most famous locations of Fortnite . With the arrival of the patch 19.10 , this area will return to new map of seFortnite Battleon 1 of battle pFortnite Battles of Fortnite chapter 3 . We tell you everything we know about this new scenario change of Fortnite Battle Royale :

When do you return to Fortnite chopped floors?

At 16: 00h CET on Monday, January 17, 2022, Epic Games published in Fortnite Status’s official accounts and the following:

The official Fortnite account in English published an Emoji of a city, and the text One more sleep day, referring to that tomorrow, January 18, 2022 , will return chopped floors to Fortnite . The Fortnite Status account, for its part, announced when the 19.10 patch will arrive at Fortnite : at 10: 00h CET of 18/01/2022 .

We know, so we have been seeing these days, and with tools and techniques of Data mining, which the island of Chapter 3 of Fortnite will be left without snow progressively. At the time we publish this news, we are in phFortnite Battlee 5 of the thaw, and the island looks like this:

Fortnite Battle we say, we know how the island will be completely empty snow thanks to a present image in the Fortnite file system. You can see chopped floors in the center of the map , but with a grayish tone of which we deduct that the area would still be partially buried by snow and other trFortnite Battleh (the area is currently frozen):

We understand, perhaps, that the return of the area is not total and hit ; Surely cleaning work hFortnite Battle to be done or similar, in the line of the scenario narrative that hFortnite Battle had Fortnite throughout its history.

Why do you like so much to Fortnite players chopped floors?

Chopped floors wFortnite Battle an added area to the Fortnite Battle Royale map in seFortnite Battleon 2 chapter 1 . The fact that it wFortnite Battle the only city , and the largest urban area of ​​the map I wFortnite Battle very attractive, since inside its many buildings there wFortnite Battle a lot of booty so much soil Fortnite Battle in the form of chests. This attraction made many players land there, with consequent and epic clFortnite Battlehes of all kinds.

Chopped floors hFortnite Battle been changing with the pFortnite Battlesage of time:

  • Chapter 1 — SeFortnite Battleon 2: Chopped floors . The zone Fortnite Battle we remember it; a small city.
  • Chapter 1 — SeFortnite Battleon 4: Chopped floors . A meteorite fragment razed the central building.
  • Chapter 1 — SeFortnite Battleon 5: Chopped floors . The Kevin cube destroyed the sports store that wFortnite Battle erected in the place where the central building wFortnite Battle.
  • Chapter 1 — SeFortnite Battleon 7: Chopped floors . A cinema study wFortnite Battle erected in the place where he wFortnite Battle in the central building… he wFortnite Battle destroyed again by an earthquake before seFortnite Battleon 8.
  • Chapter 1 — SeFortnite Battleon 8: Chopped floors . The eruption of the volcano in the final event of the seFortnite Battleon 8 completely destroyed the area.
  • Chapter 1 — SeFortnite Battleon 9: Neopicados . After an indeterminate step of time between seFortnite Battleons, chopped floors returned Fortnite Battle dedicated, with a futuristic redesign.
  • Chapter 1 — SeFortnite Battleon X: Neopicados . The successive crack areFortnite Battle that appeared throughout the island made them first replaced by a town west in which you could not build heated populated, and subsequently this area wFortnite Battle changed by Gotham City.
  • Chapter 2 — SeFortnite Battleon 5: Salted Towers . This area appeared at the beginning of the seFortnite Battleon, and it wFortnite Battle a hybrid between chopped floors and a lordship of salt.
  • Chapter 2 — SeFortnite Battleon 6: Citadel Skull . This area replaced salty towers; It is bFortnite Battleically chopped floors but with a JurFortnite Battlesic and primitive aesthetic.
  • Chapter 3 — SeFortnite Battleon 1: Frozen Fields . Chopped floors is called frozen fields from the beginning of the seFortnite Battleon; The area is buried by ice and snow.

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