Sweet Escapes: Design a bakery

Sweet Escapes: Designing a mobile game Bakery is a product of the type of puzzle game in constant expansion 3. After favorites like the Candy Crush Saga series and others, the competing developers are constantly looking for ways to make their game the first choice. They do so by adding new advanced features, as well as developing the existing play mechanism.. This is what this title brings to the table…

Development and reception


Redemption Games Inc. is behind this title. It is a young company founded in 2015 by Dan Lin and Michael With. However, founders are not new in the sector and have extensive experience in various companies. They then migrated to the mobile game, become a dominant part of the market, and plunged into the most widely recognized and accepted genres, such as puzzle and match 3. The company also has Zynga developers, SGN Games, Rock star, Amazon and Google..

On Sweet Play, Sweet Escapes: Create an Android bakery got an impressive 4.5 star score out of more than 20,000 votes. On iTunes App Store, Sweet IOS Escapes accounts for 4.5 stars of nearly 2,000 votes and is listed in Game 72. This game is the pioneering title of redemption games on both stores, and the ambition proves it While the game enjoys a critical and commercial success. Where this game tries to develop the genre. Instead of a map with traced levels for you that you are browsing as you progress, you are here responsible for a bakery in a village of fable. You and many of your furry friends have decided to revive a former ruin bakery, which formerly made treats that have won competitions. You want to restore all its splendor and do this, you have to renovate and start your game. Every part of your bakery that you renovate, you must first win and buy points by winning levels.


As a standard type 3 puzzle game, Sweet Mobile Escapes does not bring much new thing in this regard.. There is nothing broken regarding the basic mechanisms engraved in this game system, so there is nothing to repair. The design of the levels and the various tools you get as help may be somewhat innovative, but overall, it is the same familiar environment. You click on 2, 3 or more blocks that are the same color and together, and they disappear. If there are 5, they form an ice cream that cleans an entire row or an entire column, depending on the direction indicated. 7 blocks have been combined to form a cake that explodes as a bomb and destroys all the surrounding blocks, etc.

There are currently more than 100 levels of puzzles in the game, but there are more and more than its audience develops. There is a limited number of shots, as in Candy Crush Saga. As mentioned earlier, apart from these matches, you rebuild a bakery from scratch. You are installing new equipment, new refrigerators, you use workers, and you go to your customers.


Sweet Escapes looks good and feels advanced. At first glance, it is the same style of caricature animation as in other games with a similar mechanics, but in fact, it’s significantly better if you look more closely. Character modeling is also incredibly well done and levels are designed to perfection. It’s really a beautiful spectacle for endolor eyes.


Sweet Escapes: Designing a Bakery mobile game for iOS and Android is undoubtedly a welcome editing and an extension of the genre puzzle / match 3. It brings everything improved while preserving the essence of the familiar game mechanisms we all love. All. It also requires fewer resources than competing games, where Candy Crush Saga and its recent extensions are almost impossible to play for free. As a regular player, this game offers a much more flexible game diet. It’s easy to play and fun, so take an eye!

  • Atmosphere 7

  • Charts 8

  • Gameplay 8

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