1860 coach Köllner: “You with your stories”

Trend-setting was the victory of the lions against SV labor Wiesbaden, but the table tool field of the 3rd league is simply too tight. The Hesse are only two points behind the dealers, which in turn are four meters on relegation plate three missing. On a good way Michael Killer and his lions are all: three victories in a row are the recent successes of a team that hung just a few weeks ago above the descent zone.

Standard training in the winter break is payable


Against Wiesbaden, it looked at first as if the Munich would have to accept a damper in their development. With 2: 0, the SHOW led not even 25 minutes. But his team showed a brutal will, Killer said after the game at Magenta Sport. Semi Bulgaria (36th), Stephan Alger (50.) and Richard Decker (69th) turned the game with their hits and provided the 3: 2 victory of the Munich.

That in the stadium on the Gunwale Strafe all three lion goals fell after resting balls, the coach surprised only conditionally: We have already dealt intensively in training with standards. That has been paid today.

The victory achieved Decker directly by free kick — but decisively interacted by Stefan Led. I already had a free kick, which the goalkeeper has chosen quite well, I thought that he might also speculate on a ball over the wall, said Decker. So he decided for the goalkeeper, his captain ran into the firing track and directed the ball into the gate. Of course, Led is leaving, Baedeker said to his faked victory goal.

From the climb Neutzecker and Killer do not know anything

When the good shape of the lions and possible looks were addressed to the rise ranks, the Middle Fieldsman reacted significantly: We were so low in the first round. Now talk about the ascent because we won a game, would be very critical.

It also looks like his coach: You with your stories, he replied laughing when he was asked for the rising ambitions of the lions. It was important that we won today after a 0: 2. Anticipation of a horny game prevails at the coach, whether of the Cup Ob start Final next Tuesday against Karlsruhe SC (6.30 pm, live! At Köllner). We can only win there.

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