Dear Kicker Column from Bob Hanning to start the handball

Dear Dear Kicker reader, maybe you know me so far exclusively because of my detection choice or sometimes a choice of a TV camera. For me, there is not only a higher-level goal for me since my eight-year vice presidency at the DUB: bring the German handball forward. For this I fight with almost every means — even colorful pullovers. I am pleased with you and you on an exciting European Championship. It must be allowed to discuss our opinion. The column should stimulate but do not convey: I have always right.

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All have Eden Germany long again on the screen

What I have not made is that the word Corona does not find any place in my today’s column. Let’s concentrate on the German team. Do we have a comparable situation in 2016 when nobody expected something, and we have won everything? I am convinced that the surprise moment is no longer given. The competition has long since returned to the screen. At the latest by the victory in the preparation against France, everyone is also a bit warned. I was looking forward to the result, but much more about the playful quality and the cooperation. To highlight positively is the improved reorientation of the game concept.

What are the necessary ingredients to surprise positive? One front: The three preliminary opponents we have to beat. In the goal we need Andreas Wolff in his best constitution. We get that because the Duo Wolff / Glimpse has the right mix of experience and adolescent ease. Wolff feels more comfortable, for him, it is easier than with Harvester or Bitter.

At the topic young and old I grab Kai Hefner (32) out. If you compare its recent services with those of the Olympic Games, you should assume that there are two different players. He will definitely help us in the face of his increasing form curve and it’s new, more responsible role. If you see the carefree Julian Foster (21), you see that there is a good mix.

The new captain Johannes Golda looks refreshing, rectilinear, honest and simply unused. No justifications, no comparisons, just free. We can look forward to that. To our many years old Captain We Beshear there were the same discussions. That’s what the team is doing well that this by -War showplace no longer exists.

Other players must now show that they can make us better. There I see Time Fastening as a prime example. Regardless of that I’m a fan of him, it’s time to transfer his personality and straightforward to the field. I rarely talked to players who are so clear in mind and not back to call things by name.

Martens can become a factor


There is still the surprises that every team needs. I’m looking forward to the left outside position, on Marcel Schiller, but much more on Lukas Martens. Especially in recent months, he has taken an incredible development under Bennet Wafer in Magdeburg. Martens can become a factor.

One thing I want to finally say to opinion diversity. This column will also serve to address things as you are in my view. Critical and honest. The opinion of Henning Fritz, the national coach Alfred Gílson does not last for a future-oriented solution, I do not share. But I think that you have to allow other opinions without condemning people. I have happened to me often enough.

Let the team play now — and inspire us.

BOB HANGING (53) has led the Fuchs Berlin from the 2nd league to the Champions League, the DUB filmed in eight years as a vice president on the left and recently a mirror-bestseller ( Hanging, power. Handball. ) In his new column, he analyzes the events around national team and Bundesliga for the Dear Kicker.

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