Horizon VR: Guerrilla announces PSVR2 adventure

Sony has announced all sorts of new information about PSV 2, the new Virtual Reality headset for the PS5. But there was not only plenty of information about hardware, also with Horizon Call of the Mountain the first Sony title revealed from Horizon Zero Dawn — developer Guerrilla together with the new Sony First Party Studio Fire spite Games is being developed.

The most important information coming soon:

New main character
Ally comes in the game
Completely developed for PSV 2

You can watch the first trailer for the game here:

The trailer shows a boat trip from the ego perspective. That the game is completely set to the First Person view is currently not confirmed yet, but probably. Fans of Horizon will also be familiar with the machine in the trailer. A huge long neck crosses majestically the river, then the logo appears and unfortunately reveals no further information.

When does Horizon Call of the Mountain appear? There is no information on a release window, not even if the game appears to start PSV 2. As soon as we get more information from Sony, we will inform you about it.

PlayStation VR2 and Sense Controller Announcement CES 2022
It remains exciting to see if Call of the Mountain also relies on playful innovations and thrilling action gameplay, or the game is a more Visual Showcase for the PSV 2, we spend most of the time in the boat and enjoy the landscape. Twitter Talks Developer Guerrilla to us the game with the game world in an entirely new way to interact. What this means in detail, we should experience soon.

New information about PSV 2 revealed

That the headset appears was already known. Now we have many more tangible information about the specs of the PS5 hardware. Among other things, we know that PSV 2 sets a resolution per eye from 2000×2040, 90 / 120Hz offers and the following additional features has installed:

Only one cable
Eye tracking
3D audio

The PS5 headset appears together with two PS VR2 controllers, which set the danseuse on Adaptive Trigger and Haptic Feedback. More details about the hardware will soon be found at Gamer.

What is the first impression of Horizon Call of the Mountain and PSV 2?

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