Square Enix and the NFTS They become the villains that they themselves wrote with Shinra in FF7

A blockchain game is a video game that consists of aspects that utilize cryptography-based blockchain technologies. Blockchain components in these games are usually based upon making use of cryptocurrency or non-fungible symbols (NFTs) which gamers can buy, market, or profession with other players. While blockchain games have actually been available considering that 2017, blockchain games have actually just gathered the focus of the computer game market in 2021, with several AAA authors have revealed strong intent to explore their possibility, along with objection from players, developers, as well as firms within the game market.

NFTs have become one of the burning points of debate in society. An aspect that many see a business opportunity, while many others look at them with suspicion, especially because of the negative impact they have in terms of contamination. In the world of video games, there are several companies or personalities that have positioned themselves. Lately we have seen how Ubisoft has announced an in game mechanics with this type of assets and, now, Square Enix is positioned in favor.

Yoke Matsuda, president of Square Enix, has written a letter to celebrate everyone a happy year and, at the same time, has deepened the future of the company, where he has spoken of several of these issues, such as met avers, the NFTs and Cryptomoneds.

The manager states that they have studied the options presented by these types of proposals, and open the doors to the Blockchain games, making it clear that they have come to stay and who want to explore this land.

Games have traditionally involved a unidirectional flow by which creators as we provide a game to consumers who play them. On the contrary, the Blockchain Games are entering a growing phase, based on the premise of a chips economy and, therefore, have the potential to allow self-sustaining growth of the game. The factor that allows this self-sustaining growth of games is diversity, both in the way in which people are involved with interactive content and The games, as in their motivations to do so. I see the concept of playing to win that has people as enthusiastic as an excellent example of this, says Matsuda.

It is curious, because considering cryptomoneds and NFTs as an asset with a tremendously high energy consumption that is incidentally incident, with these statements, in Square Enix they have directly become Shira, the Mega-Corporation that exerts As Villeins in Final Fantasy 7.

In the game, Shira is a company that is based on the extraction of Energy Make from the depths of the planet; An easy way to obtain energy cheaply and quickly, but as a counterpoint, exhausted the natural resources of the planet, something that can lead to disastrous consequences for the environment and land in general.

Now, we see as more than 20 years after what happens in the original plot — and that they will change slightly in the FF7 Remake-Square Unix become, in a certain way, in the corporation they wrote as Villeins. NFTs can bring rapid benefits, but their environmental cost is very high.

In this type of addition we have seen how users have complained, and some companies have reversed at the time of adding NFTs. Will you now practice the community as if they were cloud and company leading avalanche?

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