Magdeburg further without blemish

THE Kiel is a handball club from Kiel, Germany. Presently, they compete in the Handball-Bundesliga and are the document champ with 22 titles.2007 as well as 2012 were the most successful years in the club’s history, as THE completed the treble, winning the domestic league, the domestic mug, and also the EHF Champions Organization. In 2012, the team won every league video game, an initial in any kind of top flight German group sporting activities.
They finished the 2019– 20 period as victors of the EHF Champions Organization as well as champions of the Handball-Bundesliga.

After the 16th win in the 16th game, the Magdeburg is now 32: 0 counters. Because the Fuchs Berlin at 26:26 (15:13) against the HOW Balingen-Weilstetten pattern, the THE Kiel goes as a table second in the Christmas days.

After the Magdeburg 8: 4-leadership Hamburg’s coach Torsten Jansen put on his 45th birthday on the seventh field players. Thanks to this measure and strong parades of goalkeeper Johannes Bitter, the guests came up again. Whenever the hamburger managed to force the SCM into the position attack, the leader was difficult. The tempo game of the Magdeburg was all the better for that. At 24:18 (40th) the decision had fallen.

Balingen annoyed Berlin

101015 TuS MT Melsungen Interviews
Balingen tied to the good performance in Berlin from the draw against the SG Flensburg-Handewitt. The Swabia never left. Vlad an Living scored with a litter from the stand that was measured with 124 km kilometers, deserving the deserved draw. Draw also the TV Lego Lipped played at 27:27 (13:16) against the Dervishes HC. The SC DARK Leipzig won 28:23 (13:10) at the Tu’s N-Lübbecke.


Fuchs Berlin — HOW Balingen-Weilstetten 26:26 (15:13)
Goals Foxes Berlin: Andersson 6, M. Ludovic 6, Lindberg 4/4, China 2, Hold 2, Koch 2, Ben eke 1, Drug 1, Poplar ​​1, Saucer 1
HOW Balingen-Machstetten: Living 12/6, Nothdurft 4, Screwjack 3, Eisenstein 3, Intel 2, Tengelmann 1, Invasion 1
Referee: Thomas Kern (Bentham) / Thorsten Bushel (Heimlich)
Criminal minutes: 8/10
Disqualification: / –

Us N-Lübbecke — DARK Leipzig 23:28 (10:13)

Goals Tu’s N-Lübbecke: Nobles 7/2, Markovic 3, Screwjack 3, Funds 2, Perhaps 2, Specimen 2, Kine 1, Nissan 1, Trotsky 1, Path 1
DARK Leipzig: Krzikalla 8, CIVIC 5, Binder 3, M. Benefit 3, Magic 3, Withe 3, Milosevic 1, Cameras 1, Mismatch 1/1 Referee: Fabian Rampart (Blenheim) / Sasha Wild (Elgersweiher)
Criminal minutes: 10/10
Disqualification: Y. Dräger (49.) / –

TV Lego Lipped — Burnisher HC 27:27 (13:16)
Goals TV Lego Lipped: Cardboard 7, Guardiola 5, Sutton 5, Elision 4/3, Were 3, Out 2, Háček 1
Burnisher HC: Baba 5, Nikolai 5, Wake 5, A. Gunderson 4/1, D. Schmidt 4, State 2, Schmitz 1, SUCH 1 Referee: Miro Drag (Frankfurt / m.) / Marcus Hurst (Overuse)
Viewers: 2400
Criminal minutes: 2/6
Disqualification: /

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