Ubisoft responds to the complaints of the NFTs and still continue with practice

Ubisoft is another of the companies that has been seen in controversy after controversy throughout this year. First, they were the accusations of a toxic work environment, and are now on the public hatred list, this due to its participation in the NFT market. Despite all the negative opinions they have received, the French company will continue to be launched with this practice.

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In a recent interview with Decrypt, a site focused on promoting coins crypt, Blockchain technology, and the use of NFT, Didier Genesis, technical director of Blockchain of Ubisoft, noted that the company does not intend to withdraw from This market, and it is something that the public will have to get used to. This was what was commented about:

We have received many comments from the ad, and we heard both the breath and the concerns. We understand where the feeling towards technology comes from, and we must continue to take it into consideration at every step of the way.

This experiment aims to understand how our players can receive and adopt the value proposition of decentralization. We know that it is an important change that will take time, but we will keep we faithful to our… principles.

Our main objective with Ubisoft Quartz is to show the true value of decentralization to our players.

Unlike other companies, which have little by little inquired in the NFT market to see what works and what does not, Ubisoft has completely entered this questionable practice, and fans are not happy with this decision. On related topics, Ubisoft CEO has made it clear the use of NFTs. In the same way, not even the employees of the company understand this implementation.

Editor’s note:

While it seems that Ubisoft has the look at the future of the NFTs, nobody is supporting them. Employees do not understand how this will be implemented, and the public is totally against these practices. Perhaps investors are the only ones in favor, but this support can not reach so far.

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