Dota 2 Retrieves your cooperative for 4 players and premieres support for controls in an update

Data 2 is one of the most popular games in the competitive panorama, but this does not mean that it valve already has all the work done. And it is that, after making sure that the games did not damage because of toxic players, the developers have further insufflated this experience. Something they reiterate again with an update in which a famous game mode is recovered, and the support is released for play with command.

Data 2 will allow playing with all the controls compatible with Steam Input as announced by Valve on the title website, they have prepared the return of continuum vault, a game mode already known among users with the that we can play with up to 4 players in a dimensional labyrinth. To enjoy this new experience free, we just have to join this modality in group or solo, since this last option takes us to a later pairing.

How to Enable Dota 2 Controller support (Aghanim Continuum Update)

But this is not all, since the update of Data 2 gives an enlarged step with the introduction of the controls. In this way, and as you can already imagine, it is already possible to throw games with controls of all kinds, because Valve ensures that this function is open to all controls compatible with Steam Input. In other words, we already have the option to play this mob with the peripherals of Xbox Series or PS5.

In addition, this last novelty is gradually introduced in the experience, so it is still in a test phase that allows switching between the knob and the traditional keyboard / mouse in the middle of a game: This is an Experimental function that is still in beta phase, so we would love to hear your comments to help us report the changes we make. Always You can switch between the command and the mouse + keyboard on the fly while you play, so Do not worry, explain on the title website.

To finish, to all this adds changes to Miranda, one of the characters in the Mob. In this sense, heroin presents new unpublished skills and lines of dialogue, something that joins the inclusion of cosmetics for the season pass. And, with this update already available to all players, Data 2 demonstrates once again its intention to expand, as we saw with the confirmation of the second season of its Netflix series. After all, this title has captivated a good handful of users, and that is why we consider it one of those free games that surprise for the good they are.

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