Falcom annonce The Legend of Heroes Kuro no Kiseki II CRIMSON SiN

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As promised, the Franchise Trails holds the course and will be entitled to a new episode in 2022 in Japan. Falcon has just revealed that it is Kurt no Nisei II –Crimson Sin-, the direct sequence of the narrative arc started last September.

Expected on PS5 and PS4 and announced for fall 2022 in Japan, probably in September to return to the tax exercise of the studio, Kurt No Nisei 2 will tell the sequence of Van Arrive adventures, protagonist of this new bow who takes place in the Republic of Calvary. The Katsuki INAMI illustrator will return to Character Design to ensure continuity. The same goes for the combat system that now leaves the player alternating between the traditional tower and the action in real time. The story will take place in S. 1209, one year after the events of the previous chapter, and will begin with the unproved massacre of a CDT Battalion (Central Intelligence Department) in Edith, the capital of the Republic.

If KURT NO NISEI II is announced on PlayStation only, Falcon is aware that the degradation of the brand in Japan represents a size challenge, Kurt No Nisei having made lower sales than expected, as the CEO Toshiba Condo has recognized by the shareholders.

As announced recently, FALCON is therefore structured to develop its games internally on several platforms, starting with the switch that will be entitled to the refill of NAFTA no Nisei already published in Japan on PS4 and PC. First Switch game Developed directly by Falcon, the action-RPG originally released on PSP will be available in Japan in the spring of 2022 on the Nintendo console. However, it is not expected before us before 2023, regardless of the platform. Images from the Switch version are available below.

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