They already got hacking the ps4 and the ps5 could follow later

A few weeks ago we told you that a group of hackers had already managed to find an important exploit at the PlayStation 5, which would allow them to hack the console. Well, this was already happening but with the PlayStation 4, although the same method to violate the security of this console could also work with the new Sony machine.

The hackers SPECTER, Chendochap, and Bullet have launched POOBS4, a Jailbreak that works with version 9.00 of the PS4. Essentially, it works like a pen drive formatted in exFAT but with Certain modifications to be able to access the system at the kernel level.

The only way to use this Exploit is with the firmware 9.00 of the console, that is, if the PS4 was already updated to version 9.03 you will not be able to do anything about it. As I was saying before, this security vulnerability could also work with PS5, although they have not yet managed to find the way to run it on this console.

PS5 Jailbroken, RGH3 Released, PS4 9.00 Rumors - ModChat 083

Editor’s note: Surely Sony will not be happy with all this, and the next PS5 update further improve your safety to prevent hackers from implementing a jailbreak. We’ll see how the Japanese company responds to all this.

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