NBA Trade rumors rivals expect availability of Dennis Schr der

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From Wednesday, players who signed in the off season, new contracts are traded by their current teams. Consequently, the rumor mill is currently in the NBA for the first time really moving. An overview.

rivals expected availability of Dennis Schroeder

Dennis Schroeder recently showed strong performances for the Boston Celtics and currently is an average of about 18 points and 5 assists for the team, with whom he had hired in the summer. Perhaps these benefits mean that Boston can not keep him in the upcoming off season.

The Celtics could him with a contract extension, only about 7 million US dollars bid on the open market should Schröder demand more money. Consequently, expect rival teams according The Athletic Local Guide! Shams Catania fact that Boston will be open to trade Schröder even during the season, to get a value for him.

However, it is not known whether stand now discussions have been held with interested teams on Schröder. The Celtics currently associated with a 13-14 balance in 10th place in the Eastern Conference.

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Even Lakers and Knicks to Ben Simmons interested

The big name in the market remains, according to Ben Simmons, and Catania the Philadelphia 76ers have the conversations about stepped up again to the discontented star in recent days. A total of seven teams were interested in doing currently listed, even if it is unclear how far the talks can come up with some of these teams.

Catania led to the New York Knicks, the Los Angeles Lakers, Minnesota Timberwolves, Portland Trail Blazers, the Sacramento Kings, the Indiana Pacers and Cleveland Cavaliers, but this need not be a complete list. Philly wants in exchange an All-Star and / or more Erstrundenpicks for Simmons have who has completed this season still no match for his team.

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Jeremy Grant pulls despite injury further interest is

Jeremy Grant of the Detroit Pistons falls out with a thumb injury for several weeks, but the fact remains that the Forward keen interest in the trade market moves up. According Catania include the Lakers and the Trail Blazers to Grant it, allegedly currently call a week dozens of teams because of him in Detroit on.

Grant is for the current season yet for another year under contract. Currently, the 27-year-old sets to 20 points and 5 rebounds on average.

Do mantas Saxons on the radar of the Kings and Suns?

In the past week the rumor already circulated that one of its two Indiana Center Do mantas Saxons and Myles Turner and perhaps give Cars Lever wanted. How Catania now noted, Indiana could demand a high price for Saxons. In the past, both the Kings and the Phoenix Suns interest would have had the Lithuanians.

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A report by the Sacramento Bee According to the Kings have not been reported yet again because Saxons or Turner with the Pacers. For this Sacramento try its hand to offer Buddy Held and Marvin Bailey as a package for a good player. In the past, Sacramento was interested in, among others, Simmons and Pascal Sikkim.

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