Despite ten failures F chse Berlin must compete against Hamburg

Max-Schmeling-Halle is a multi-purpose field, in Berlin, Germany, called after the famous German fighter Max Schooling. In Addition To Mercedes-Benz Sector and also the Velodrome, it is among Berlin’s biggest indoor sporting activities arenas as well as holds from 8,861 individuals, as much as 12,000 individuals.
The opening event occurred on December 14, 1996, in the existence of Max Schooling.

An application for game laying for the encounter in the domestic Max-Schmeling Halle had already been rejected on Wednesday by the league, the same applies to an objection formulated.

The league does not follow the desire for a transfer because, according to the HBL statutes, a team is considered to be playable when half of the squad is operational. This is the case with the Berliners, the HBL had been communicated on Thursday on request.

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Nevertheless, the foxes complain about a total of ten failures. In addition to seven players tested on Corona, Marian Michalczik, Nils Michigan and Marc Walter are missing three more professionals. That the hamburger had already agreed to a relocation according to the communication of the foxes, nothing changed in the decision.

We will bring a team to the plate and there will be constellations that there never had been, Managing Director Bob Hanging said of the foxes: The decision has fallen, we have to and will compete and now all overcome. We will not give us a fight. The foxes will now also have to rely on junior players.

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