FPS Finding Empty Field Crossfire X released February next year

Smile Gate Entertainment will launch its FPS new ‘Crossfire X’ on February 10 next year. The platform is Xbox Series X / S, XBOX ONE and is simultaneously released in all global regions.

A Silent Downfall | Crossfire X (Rant)

This was announced on the 9th (local time) Micro Soft Theater on the 9th (local time) on the 9th (local time). In the 2-minute image, the combat scene based on the Virtual Global Military Enterprise ‘Global Risk’ and the ‘Blacklist’ is confronted, and the crossfire X single campaign play.

Crossfire X is a console game that the Smile Gate is the first to be based on its own crossfire IP. Based on graphics based on Unreal 4, technology was implemented by a technology to save an exciting striking feeling.

In addition, a single campaign built on the basis of crossfire worldview, a multiplayer content made based on original development know-how, a multiplayer content, a unique character growth system, a manual gross.

Single campaigns have been in the Finnish Developer Remedy Entertainment, which is well known in Korea, as a Max Pay, Alan Wake, and Control. In addition, Xbox Series X supports 4k 60fps, and builds a short Seamless Play environment.

Smile Gate Entertainment plans to provide the best play experience for users around the world, equipped with only the preparation for formal launch until February 10th.

For more information, see Crossfire Xbox official pages.

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