Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy 7 spells that we want to be able to use in the avalanche RPG

The imminent year 2022 will be the one that brings us Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy, the expected RPG about the world of the most famous magician on the planet. This video game still has to say a lot about its characteristics, history and characters, but we can start thinking about some things that we would like it to have. In particular, we present an item are several spells that we would like to be able to use in Legacy Hogwarts.


There is no doubt that this should be. Wizard duels are something we need at Hogwarts Legacy, since they are a regulated combat mode that will allow us to use the different spells learned throughout the adventure, as well as living progression of the character within the league that is in the college of magic.

ExpelliarMus is one of the spells most used by Harry in the movies, but also one with a certain history in video games. It is a disarming spell that will help us in smokes against humans, by removing the wand from the hand.


Hogwarts Legacy : อัพเดทการพัฒนาและสรุปดราม่า #2

Find does not exist as such in the world of books, but it has been key in video games. It is still a conjure rejection of enemies, but that has been very useful in the games of the saga, being a basic offensive tool that allows us to launch the enemies by the air, as well as move statues and all kinds of Own structures of the puzzles.

It would be a spectacular wink that floating returned to Harry Potter with this Legacy Hogwarts. In fact, we would put the hand on fire because this spell will return to the video games as part of the RPG developed by Avalanche.

Expect Patronum.

This spell is fascinating, because it has a very limited use, but it is really spectacular. Expect patronum is the repellent spell of Debentures. The user projects the luminous image of a related animal with himself, which repels these beasts devouring happiness.

Hogwarts Legacy develops in the nineteenth century, at which time Azkaban was already built, and in which detectors are like jailers. It would be rare to see the Detectors at school, but if they appear at some point, it would be nice to have a suspicious patronum.


A classic of the magical world of Harry Potter this spell. It serves to float all kinds of objects, which is really useful in an RPG. It would serve you to complete all kinds of puzzles, as well as to lift items and look for collectibles below them.

In the movies it is remembered by that is Levies, not Levies by Hermione Granger to Ron Wesley.


Month key of the sixth movie. Ron is with Lavender Brown and Hermione is fed up with that relationship of Platonic love never expressed between them. What the character does is nothing other than using the Impugn spell to throw a flock of birds.

The definition of the spell is none other than launching objects against enemies, so can be very useful in a Harry Potter RPG.

Scurfy — Surge

Here we have an interesting story, because in video games we have always seen using surge, but in movies it is Ginny who makes use of another very similar enchantment called Scurfy. That spell serves to clean the cytoplasm of ghosts, as well as is useful for fighting goblins and the ghosts themselves.


We finished the list with a very useful spell in video games as it is diffing. This enchantment allows us to cut all kinds of ropes and vines, something particularly interesting if they let us go to the forbidden forest of Hogwarts in the video game. It will be a very powerful tool in according to what puzzles, and also in exploration.

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