Destiny 2 How to get the forgiveness of our legendary Lanzagranados de dust

The legendary launcher forgive our Dust de Destiny 2 is a new aggregate weapon as part of the 30th anniversary event. In this guide we will explain how to get forgiveness our dust in Deity 2, so you can add it to your growing collection of weapons.

Get forgiveness for our dust in Destiny 2

To get Pardon Our Dust in Destiny 2, you must go to the treasure of Our and open the treasure chest in front of him.

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The treasure of Our can be found in Eternity, which can be found just below the moon and in the lower left part of the tower in the center of its director.

However, this treasure chest can not be opened at will. You will not just need to increase your strange favor, but you will also have a treasure key to open it.

It should also be taken into account that opening the chest in the treasure of the treasure of Our does not guarantee that you will get the lunches of forgiveness for our dust. This is an RNG chest, so you will have to keep trying luck with the hope that it will fall.

Get treasure keys

To get these keys, you must complete a DARES OF ETERNITY event. This is also accessible from Eternity in its director.

When the event begins, you will have to defeat enemies to fill a progress bar. Once it is full, a final boss will be convened that you will then have to kill.

After defeating the final boss, you can open a chest that will contain, among other things, a treasure key.

The Domes of Eternity challenge will always reward you with a treasure key every time you complete it. This is repeatable, so you can execute the event to get as many keys as you need to get all halo weapons.

There you have how to get forgiveness our dust at Destiny 2. To get more tips and tricks about the 30th anniversary event or last great expansion, go to our Destiny 2 wiki or consult more information about the game below.

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