Welcome to ESO In these introductory videos you will learn everything to get started to the Tamriel

There are all kinds of good reasons for the first time to enter the Elder Scrolls online or to come back to Tamil after a long break. The still angry Corona pandemic, for example, the coming Christmas holidays or the annual history Goals of Oblivion, which has gotten a strong degree by developers with the last story DLC Headland.

In addition, the Total Package Elder Scrolls has become clearly more rounded out, more extensive and simply more online through the last updates and content enhancements — also thanks to features such as the companions, the arsenal system or the Next-Gen update for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series.

Welcome to ESO!

If you belong to the players who want to take the step and want to discover the world of Tamil for the first time, or if you come back after a long break, to get your dusty heroes from the premature retirement, then we have something for you now! The Animal developers have published a more than nine-minute introductory video, which gives you an overview of the main areas of The Elder Scrolls online — including character creation, progress system, explore, PVP, group activities, crafts, fight and much more.

Anyone who wants to rush on the group activities of ESO, for which there is even a second introductory video, which specifically turns this area:

A Beginners guide to The Elder Scrolls Online

Our ESO almanac

If you are looking for more tips and tricks for The Elder Scrolls online, look at in our big ESO almanac, in which you find a lot of help and guide threads, for example for character creation, the peoples, the ESO Plus subscription or the final game.

If the tour of travel now has aroused, your ticket bends for Tamil on the official website of The Elder Scrolls Online. You can buy the new DLC Headland individually in the crown shop or unlock as part of the ESO plus subscription. Then you will also receive access to all other LCS and chapters of recent years (blackwood excluded) as well as various useful advantages like the craft bag. All Benefits of ESO Plus can be found here.

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