Lol the superhero minion that sentenced a game by jumping on its own programming

Although they are one of the most important elements of League of Legends, we barely pay attention. The subjects have an impact on the game in many ways and even shape many of the skills of the game. Normally they demonstrate it by granting gold to the champions that end up with them, defending us from the rivals if they hit us or simply exerting pressure. However, there are much less likely situations in which can be the cause by which we can follow alive in the most unlikely form.

a superhero minion that riot priorities skipped

One of the most obvious examples of how the minions can be our best allies have found it a player who, while enjoying a game of League of Legends, found as a minion jumped part of his behavioral principles to finish Blocking a fatal ability to need. Thus, it was a simple subject or who turned what seemed like a very good ambush in a frightening ridicule that left the game sentenced in favor of his team.

If we serve the play, we see how the subjection that blocks the skill is displaced seemingly unreasonable against those that are the priorities for which they are coded. In this way, instead of looking for the nearest enemy subjection, he scrolls to look for another goal out of his attack reach. The first piece of the effect dominated that caused the curious outcome of the unfortunate play.

Riot Games is strict with respect to the operation of the subjects, which choose the objective they should attack by following an order of priorities that works as follows:

  1. Champions that attacked an allay character

Game Box: Minion Giant Maze Vs Super Mario! Game animation
2. Subjects that attack an allay champion
3. Subjects that attack an ally minion
4. Turns that attack an ally minion
5. Champions that attacked an ally minion
6. Next minion
7. Nearest rival champion

In this way, if everything had worked as determined in League of Legends, the subject would probably have attacked the enemy minion at the scope of it without provoking this play. However, the decisions of these units are taken in a too extensive period of time so that they can be somewhat erratic if they are given all the necessary events to skip their own code of conduct.

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