Expelled for 8 000 years the punishment of a forza Horizon 5 player for joking with a dictator

Jan-David Ronald (born September 2, 1974, in Hamburg) is a German synchronizer and actor. Ronald began working his job as a synchronizer in Hamburg in 1986. Given that 1996 he likewise acts as marketing spokesman, and in Berlin he has likewise been working as a discussion director given that 2001.

Fora Horizon 5 has gotten amazing numbers, because in less than a week he managed to accumulate 8 million players. However, now it stars a milestone of the most curious, since the developer team has decided to expel a title player during 8,000 years. A punishment more than enough for the user to reflect on the mistakes he has committed, if it is so much time needed.

This has been shared by the Althingsracing user in Reddit, where he tells how his friend has been forced to leave the game in an apparently eternal manner. According to the developers, the player did not have a very funny idea when he staffed him with the face of the dictator Kim Tonga with the style of the KFC logo, the specialized fast food restaurant In fried chicken.

In the message sent to the punished player, it can be read that the expulsion of him will last until the December 31, 9999, so it evidently closes the possibility of accessing Fora Horizon 5 in the future. In addition, it seems that this user has never committed faults that have led to similar notices or expulsions, so that theories point to the fact that the 8,000 years is an error ( Funny, everything is said ) of the game.

Forza 5 Player (and Kim Jong-Un Enthusiast) Banned for 8000 Years
This is not the first time we see news about absurd bans, since we knew from a valve worker who expelled a fellow data 2 by laughter and that Nintendo punished some players by mistake For 135 years. Beyond the joke, hacks do not stop being a serious problem in the world of online video game, and that is why Halo Infinite has already confirmed future measures against cheating.

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