Vaccine certificate falsified NFL locks Antonio Brown

BREAKING: Antonio Brown & Other Players Suspended for Obtaining Fake COVID-19 Vaccination Card
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As the NFL announced on Thursday, Brown will be blocked for three games for three games for three games due to injury. The Wide Receiver, who last had to watch due to an ankle blade, is only entitled to play the Carolina Panthers again on December 26th.

Background of the barrier is likely to be the accusation against Brown, to have faked his vaccination. Trigger was a report of the Tampa Bay Times published in mid-November, where a former personal cook of the professionals had made the allegations publicly. As a result, Brown received the fake certificate from a teammate after the chef himself can not get him.

The 33-year-old receiver, who has already developed the reputation of a scandal professional in recent years, denies the allegations. Mr. Brown is vaccinated and supports the vaccine for all persons for which they are appropriate, said his lawyer Sean Burst on Thursday. But he had waived that the barrier proceed to show no distraction for his team.

In addition to Brown, his teammate Mike Edwards and Free Agent John Franklin III, who was under contract until August at the Bus, was blocked for three games.

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