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Steam Deck is a video console motivated by a mobile video game computer established by Valve Corporation. Its launch is scheduled for December 2021, although later it was revealed its launch for February 2022 due to the absence of products for manufacturing. Several customers will later on obtain it complying with the reserve supply established by Valve as well as can get to the very first quarter of 2023.

With the Steam Deck, Valve has a very hot iron in the fire when it comes to handheld gaming. But while the Nintendo Switch offers various exclusive games, Valve seems to want to do without. But you call a good reason for that.

Steam Deck: Valve plans no exclusive games for the handheld console

Steam Deck FAQ: 31 Big Questions Answered

Nintendo has firmly under control market for handheld consoles. Also, several years after their appearance, the Nintendo Switch continues to be a real bestseller. In the spring, however, Nintendo could finally get competition — because at this time Valves Steam deck should finally go to the start after a shift.

But in contrast to Nintendo Valve wants to give up an important unique selling point at the Steam Deck: Exclusive Games. The official developer FAQ shows that Valve has no plans to develop games for their own handheld console, which run exclusively on the Steam Deck:

F: Is Valve interested in exclusive titles for the Steam Deck?

A: No. We do not see anything in it. It is a PC, and it should play games like a PC.

Source: Steam Deck FAQ

On an exclusive half-life part for Steam decks or the like, buyers of the handheld console should not wait.

The most important information about the Steam Deck has been summarized for you at the time in the GIG HEADLINES:

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Steam Deck Release postponed

Actually, the Steam Deck should already appear in December 2021 — Valve had to push the release again due to the hardware bottleneck to the release by a few months. The new starting shot should fall in February 2022.

The biggest competitor of the Steam Deck, the Nintendo Switch, is anything but perfect. In these 7 points, Nintendo likes to improve:

In another FAQ Valve also mentions that there is a dock for the Steam Deck, but the power of the console does not increase when the device is connected to it (Source: Steam Deck FAQ). The Nintendo Switch looks something different. Many games are calculated in handheld mode only in 720P, while the console in docked mode has enough power to play games in Full HD.

We are curious if Valve can conquer the handheld market with the Steam Deck or in the end but sang and tallies.

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