The new Battlefield 2042 GLITCH allows you to easily cancel smoke grenades

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Battlefield 2042 had a difficult time. Design problems have affected the nascent version and will likely continue to do so. But it’s not every day that players can arm a bug in their favor! But an article Reddit made a discovery. Today is one of these days.

In simple terms, if you see a smoke wall approach, you can simply open your collections menu. The smoke is going to be gone when you go back in the game, but as we can see on the video, it is not guaranteed. You will need to stay still for a few seconds, but it’s usually better than stumbling blind.

The players react… Well, about as severely as we might expect. Many of them are already tired of Battlefield 2042 bugs, which resulted in some fatigue. The comments of this article are a mix of surprise and disgust facing the game status of the game. A user has even gone so far as to say: CE game is like eating a pizza soggy out of the oven a little too early. It could have been so good but hunger was right for them, and now it’s disappointing g, which… uh, is definitely a comparison. It seemed to resonate with some other users though.

Battlefield 2042 Hit Reg is bugged... Here's Proof!
With the release of other competing shooters like Halo Infinite, developers behind Battlefield 2042 will have to work hard. When community confidence is damaged, the repair takes a while. Certainly not an impossible task, No Man’s Sky has crossed a much harder version of this — but always a great demand. Let’s hope that a big game can be saved from something like that! Otherwise, it’s easy to see players switch to other games.

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