Reste De The Ashes Build 215646 Notes de Patch

Remnant: From The ASHES Receives a new patch today, bringing a host of changes, quality of life updates and a brand new game mode. Adventure mode will allow you to revive gaming areas for shipments Unique does not affect your main game, which will allow you to manage the objects of your choice without losing progress in your main card. Read more for complete update notes.

Construction number: 215646 Update Notes


Developer’s comment: Overview of Adventure Fashion — A new game mode that allows players to revive individual worlds. You and your team can start an adventure through Earth, Room and Sasha generated dynamically, starting with a single stone of the world and ending once you have defeated their World Boss. Dungeon sites, points of interest, enemy appearances and many others may be different from what you expect from the main campaign. Enabled from the world stone in the neighborhood 13, simply choose World Settings, then select the Adventure Mode option to choose the world you want to browse. This will not replace the progress of your campaign and can be freely renewed without affecting your narrative. All objects found or the acquired features along the way will be kept by your character. More content, including corpus, will be added in the future!

Dozens of system optimizations and stability patches
Many art adjustments, lighting passes, collision patches

Developer’s comment: Although this section is the smallest, she received the most attention. We are still working on additional optimization and stability. For this update, we have made many passages on each area covering the memory impression, stability, lighting, collisions and many other patches for flooding the gaming experience.

Bug Corrections

Fixed a problem with the Damage Modifier of the Description of Repulsed Banish displaying erroneous information
Adjusting interactive volumes on the doors to prevent characters from deforming on the other side
Players can not fight ravage if they have already solved the Bell puzzle
Fixed a problem preventing the display of status updates in the Advanced Statistics tab
Stirs can no longer trigger melee effects
Blink Token can not avoid scripted install damage
Fixed a soft lock if some mods were used at the end of a melee attack
The untouchable realization is now unlocked in multiplayer
Fixed a problem preventing the correct display of the simplified Chinese
Said ace, she really needs to stay in the neighborhood 13 (hope she listens this time)
Empty weapons should start automatic reloading after using a mod
Change weapons just before activating a mod does not activate the new weapon

Developer’s comment: In addition to the optimizations, many small problems have been corrected.


Endurance is no longer exhausted during navigation in the neighborhood 13
Changing the Delete Character button in HOLD
Added additional dead zone analog parameters for Gamed (can be set up to 0)
Reduced time required for the entry to be active and disables
Adding the opposite X option to aim
Adding a VoIP volume setting for PC
Adding the ability to disable subtitles in the Audio menu
Additional matchmaking optimizations
Dragon Hearts can be used in full health (for use with the Elder set)

Developer’s comment: Two of the most important demands were to make the deletion of your character more difficult and give more control over the dead zone of the controller. We discussed both, and we work at the bottom of the (huge) list of additional AOL features! Some additional corrections have slipped into this update, and we look forward to responding to more and more requests over time.


General: reducing enemy’s health in nightmare from 300% to 250%
MAINLAND CONTAMINATOR: Properly identified as elite to allow drops of lumen ite
Nightmare: Fix that allows the removal of the players’ selection table if a player is reversed
Nightmare: Nightmare Boss Basic Health Reduction of 2 million to 1.5 Million
Nightmare: damage modifier adjusted in Nightmare on the number of players

Developer’s comment: The general reaction is that nightmare mode is a little sponge. We have reduced the total amount of Boost HP to help that, but we know that with updated armor, the problem will be less serious. We work hard to update the values, which use new armor and object updates while maintaining the challenge. Look for this problem in the next updates, while we are preparing ground for even more difficult difficulties (with rewards!).


HUNTING RAIL: Feeder size increased from 9 to 10
Hunting rifle: increase of total capacity from 45 to 50
Hunting rifle: increased chance of basic critic of 5% to 10%
Hunting rifle: Added 5% low bonus

Developer’s comment: The hunting rifle is well-placed, but we wanted to give him a little more love and to be closer to his identity.

Hunting gun: increased the probability of basic criticism from 10% to 15%
Hunting gun: Minimum critical range added from 5 m

Developer’s comment: The hunting gun is supposed to be a very good option for long-range average litters. We have therefore increased its chances of criticism while limiting the minimum scope of criticism at 5 m or more. This allows even more voluminous strikes at your fingertips and allows precision closely without becoming a simple pump rifle.

Revolver: increase in scalar impact by 10%

Developer’s comment: The identity of the revolver is huge breathtaking success. He now has a little more force, but we also monitor the damage and overall efficiency of the weapon.

Sniper rifle: increased critical score by 10% to 20%
Sniper rifle: increase in ammunition reserves from 25 to 27
Sniper Rifle: increase of 10% reload speed
Sniper rifle: increase in swing uncovered from 0.5 to 0.75
Sniper rifle: reduction of the infiltration time without a spacing of 90%
Sniper rifle: reduction of the integration time of the unavailable 2.0 to 0.75
Sniper rifle: SWAY at a low range in a drastic way
Precision rifle: 50% reduction in the initial size of the non-covered reticle size
Precision rifle: increase in the minimum size of the non-covered reticle, from 1.0 to 1.5

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Precision rifle: Increased minimum reticle size uncovered during 1.5 to 1.75.
Precision rifle: increase the decay rate of the reticle without spanning after shooting
Sniper rifle: adding a range of minimum critics of 12.5 m

Developer’s comment: The sniper rifle has also undergone many changes. We want to focus on the long term and reduce efficiency closely. Before publication, we had a very imprecise reticle, but we knew it did not feel good. So we tightened it. However, like other long-range weapons, it has become another short-range hunting rifle that has prevented us from improving statistics without significantly reducing accuracy. We have improved the long range functionality and multiplied the chances of critical shot while limiting short-range efficiency.

Chicago Typewriter: increase in damage from 10 to 11
Chicago Typewriter: Initial size of the reduced reticle
Chicago Typewriter: Increased Reticle Increment by Flight (Faster Reduction)
Chicago Typewriter: Reduction of the minimum reticle size (more precision)
Chicago Typewriter: Reducing Fall Speed ​​(Decreases more slowly when you do not shoot, but still in AIM)

Developer’s comment: Generous improvements for the most elegant weapons. With recent enhancements to the accuracy and handling of the assault rifle, the typewriter has been left behind. We have strengthened the damage, maneuverability and overall efficiency in order to guarantee the place that returns to it in your arsenal.

Particle accelerator: Increased probability of basic criticism from 10% to 15%
Particle accelerator: increase in damage from 75 to 80
Particle accelerator: increased fire rate of 1.4 to 1.45
Particle accelerator: reduction of the decline time after 1.4 to 1.3
Particle accelerator: increased disintegration speed after shooting from 1.15 to 1.2
Particle accelerator: reduction of the initial size of the 40% reticle
Particle accelerator: SWAY in a small range in a drastic way
Particle accelerator: Add a range of minimum critics of 7.5 m
Alt-Fire particle accelerator (severity core): Aspires now more (many enemies can not miss it anymore)

Developer’s comment: With Sniper Rifle buffs; We have not forgotten the particle accelerator. He has received many similar changes making it very effective in the medium and long term. In addition, we increased the suction factor of the severity core to reduce the chances of escape from more agile enemies.

Devastating: Reduced initial propagation to better match the reticle
Devastating: 50% reduction in delay time after shooting before automatic reloading
Devastator: the chance of basic criticism is increased from 5% to 10%
Devastating: no one in five chance of producing a bandit armor on a single target
Devastating: each touched target has a chance to proclaim a Bandit armor
Devastator: Add a range of 5 m minimum reviews

Developer’s comment: We talked about Devastator / Bandit interaction in a previous update, and we finally addressed it. Instead of completely eliminating the infinite fire scenario, we have changed it so that it requires several targets. So it’s not the formidable weapon, but the multi-port game mode still exists. We have also granted some improvements to Devastator for maneuverability and medium term efficiency.

Defiler: Ideal range increased from 10 m to 12.5 m
Defiler: Reticle size reduced from 2.0 to 1.5
Defiler Alt-Fire (radioactive volleyball): reduced power from 350 to 300

Developer comment: Although one of the most powerful alternative lights of the game has been triggered, the first defiler shot has always fallen behind many other handguns. We have tightened the dispersion and increase the effective scope while lightly accelerating the alternative shooting power.

Eye of the storm: increased the probability of basic criticism of 5% to 10%
Eye of the storm: Added 5% low bonus

Developer’s comment: Since his little brother (the shotgun) received a little love, we can not leave Eye of the Storm in the cold. Some light damage increase with the improvements of the last update.

Hive Cannon: Adding 20 Projectile Damage (Benefiting from Low Point Modifiers)
Hive Cannon: Increase the size of the main shot projectile from 2 to 5 (better corresponds to the VFX)
Hive Cannon: Correction of description showing the actual reach of AOE fire shots

Developer’s comment: The cannon of the hive could not touch the weak points with its original breath, so we corrected it! We have also updated the size of the main shooting projectile. It should be much easier to touch targets!

The curse of the god of the Alt-Fire jungle (tentacle shot): adding the quality of life to the hacks

Developer’s comment: Since we have deleted the interaction of the henchmen and the embers of leech (and heavy henchmen with specific rings in general), we decided to transform the Life leech Help with a real mechanic. We have added an innate quality of life to tentacles in a more formal way.

Flower of spores: increase in damage from 160 to 200
Spore bloom: Increased number of pellets from 7 to 12 (less DMG loss on a single lack of pellets)
Spore bloom: increase in reticle size for better coverage
Spore bloom: Increase in the ideal beach from 800 to 1000
Spore bloom: Reduced reload speed
Spore Bloom: the spore shot projectile damage has increased from 50 to 100

Developer’s comment: This is my broomstick.

World breaker: AOE Blast now affects fragile objects

Comment Developer: It did not make sense that the World breaker can not break objects from the world. It was a drastic forgetfulness and we all shame. Now we are not!


Admiral ring (new): 300% bonus incoming damage, + 15% remote and melee damage

Developer’s comment: Adding a new ring for those who love to make things more difficult. Although this ring is the best in the slot with regard to the damage, it is also a worse in the slot (by a shot back) for the defense. It’s an excellent choice to make faster normal and difficult experiences because you are looking for a way to enemies, but it’s also solid in Nightmare, because most things have already been screened in unison! Try!

The Ring of the Admiral can be purchased at Reggie for 2 (two!) Falls at the beginning of the match.

Cleaning gem: When used with Elder Armor, cleaning applies to all allies
Ring of Evasion: Added +1 IFrame (+4 in total) & 10% Escape Speed
Leech Ember: Leech up slightly reduced
Anchor of core: adding + 5% DMG by invocation (carrier)
Anchor of soul: duration of 40% to 50%
Core anchor: suppression of the extra charge bonus

Developer’s comment: These dribbling changes were to help support the reworking of armor. We have many additional updates to come!


Developer’s comment: We listened to the community about the desire for a greater variety of buildings at all levels of play. We wanted to bring all armor instead of reducing the effectiveness of the current better (radiant!). This is our first pass to separate each armor and give it unique play styles while encouraging mixing and pairing. Each set of armor now has an extra flat bonus of a room that does not adapt. The armor values ​​have also been increased. We will actively monitor the versions and adjust the numbers up or down in the next update to get closer even more.

Adventure (bonus): increases the amount of scrap picked up 10%
Adventure: Total Armor Value increased from 10 to 20
Hunter (sniper): Required range reduced from 15 to 10 m
Hunter (bonus): The damage to weak points are increased by 15%
Hunter: The value of total armor has increased from 19 to 35
Ex-cultist (bonus): the mod power is generated slowly over time
Old cult man: the value of total armor has been increased from 20 to 36
Scraper (bonus): All offset damage in the range of challengers are increased by 20%
Scrapper: The value of total armor has increased from 36 to 60
Bandit (bonus): Ammunition acquired during pickup are increased by 25%
Bandit: The value of total armor has increased from 11 to 28
Ancient (believer): Dragon’s heart increases the damage inflicted by the allies of 20% for 10 seconds (includes minions)
Old (bonus): Dragon’s heart creeps its allies at 50% (includes minions)
Old (bonus): the healing of the Dragon Heart now works on Liz / Liz and root Mother (at a reduced rate)
Elder (MISC): increased scope on armor / bonus competence from 15 to 30 m
Old: the value of total armor has increased from 13 to 32
Atari (opportunistic): Perfect dodge increases travel, shots, melee, reloading and speed of escape from 20% for 7s
Atari (bonus): Perfect dodge increases all chances of criticism of 15% for 7s
Atari: the value of total armor has increased from 21 to 37
Drifter (bonus): the shift speed in standing position is increased by 25%
Drifter: The value of total armor has increased from 28 to 45
Slayer (Assassin): Assassin Armor Competence changed in multiplicative instead of additive (stronger)
Slayer: the reload rate is increased by 10%
Slayer: the value of total armor has increased from 29 to 43
Twisted (bonus): The melee shots steal the health of their enemies (original values ​​of Leech Ember)
Twisted: The total weight value has increased from 33 to 55 (50 with the Twisted mask)
Twisted: the value of total armor has increased from 30 to 74 (62 with the twisted mask)
Osseous (bloodlust): the shots remote / of melee against the same target increase the damage inflicted on this target
Osseous (bonus): shooting speed and increased melee speed of 5%
Osseous: the value of total armor has increased from 35 to 47
Radiant (bonus): recoil reduced by 10%

Radiant: the value of total armor has increased from 51 to 62
Cancellation (power transfer — New): Earn a battery of damage every 10 s (3 max).
Cancel (Power Transfer — New): Subject damage Deletes a stack of damage and adds a defensive battery (3 max).
Cancellation (bonus): slightly increases iframes during escapes (+2)
Empty: the value of total armor has increased from 70 to 120
Bombardier’s hat: the value of total armor has increased from 2 to 10


Summoning (seed calling, Beckon, Iron Sentinel, Tentacle Air): Reduced to 2 Charges by Mod

Comment of Developer: To facilitate the construction, balance and performance of the invoked, we have reduced the number of invocation charges to 2 (each invocation by the launcher accounts for its damage only if it carries the anchor anchor anchor) This also helps with the convocations blocking the paths of enemies. In our next update, we will see how to enhance the effectiveness and identity of each convocation.

Explosive shot: the damage caused by the projectiles went from 60 to 130
Explosive Shooting: The damage inflicted by the OEM went from 120 to 170
Explosive Shot: Scope increased by 3.5 m to 4.0 m
Explosive shot: increased minimum damage from 65% to 80%

Developer’s comment: In our continuous effort to increase the effectiveness of each mod, we optimized explosive shot for those who really like damage caused by AOE. Enjoy!

Swarm: correction of a bug where the life of the projectile was limited to 12 seconds
ESS AIM: duration of the projectile attached to 20 s (and not 12 or 25)

Developer’s comment: In the last update, we made a bug (no word play) in the Swarm behavior after submitting the update, but before finalizing the update notes. Initially, we intended to increase the time and wrongly thought that it would be a solution. We have since resolved the problem that forced Swarm to stay at 12 seconds and capped it at 20.

Mender’s Aura: nor does it work on Liz / Liz and Root Mother (at a reduced rate)

Developer’s comment: It’s more a change in quality of life, but you can now cure the NPCs at a reduced rate using the Aura of the repairer. Iron Sentinel: does not target enemies more than it can not see Comment of Developer: If a turret loses the line of sight of its enemies and has no target, it will stop shooting. Misc Wasteland Good boy went from Good boy to Very Good boy Developer’s comment: I mean, it’s a very good boy.

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