The complete story of Borderlands Lore is an epic tale for ages

You played in Borderlands and its suites (and pre-sites), and you probably had an explosion by killing monsters, bandits and bosses with vertigo. And this booty — all this soft and gentle booty that explodes like a neon piñata and gives you improvements and weapons and a pure joy at each elimination.

But in the middle of all the pleasure, you have already asked why Pandora was so messed up? How did all these chests appeared, and why? What do you do, and all these societies do on these chaotic planets abandoned by God? Ok, sorry to have everything there is existential on you, but you might be surprised to know that in all this beautiful shooting game and this black humor, there is actually a fairly deep and dystopic story From the Borderlands franchise, and it deserves a further examination. So, sit down and install comfortably, while Cog connected takes you to a trip, an epic journey while we tell a story of power, greed and betrayal that will extend on vast galaxies and spread over Millennia.

The history of the coffers begins well before, perhaps millions of years before the events of the first game Borderlands. There was an ultra-powerful and advanced breed known as the Meridians, which has designed technology beyond the mental faculties of the Checking Humans to Design. But as for all the great civilizations, the sun ends up linking on the ads.

Something happened — some say that in their pride, they created a force so powerful that it came out of their control — which made the Society of the Widens collapse. It was not a quick decline, so they (fortunately) had enough time to build chests in which they could store their valuable knowledge and technology (it’s a good loot for you and me) so that it Survives long after their disappearance (and we could take it, but only after defeating a powerful guard, or in vulgar language, boss ).

Alas, after decline, the remains of the great Britain empire slowly faded, turned into dust and blew on the winds of immemorial times. But the vaults have remained, buried over the centuries and eternities under the arid sands of the planets as innumerable as obscures. Thousands, then millions of years have elapsed, and a novel era of unhindered capitalism appeared, while societies were stretching cheeky through the galaxy seeking to explore and — as societies inevitably do it — at to exploit. Such an enterprise, Atlas, would be the first to fall on a safe, a fortuitous circumstance that has nevertheless triggered what would become a new gold rush to find more chests, get more loot, win more power.

It started on a planet called Promethean. Atlas, after finding the first safe, used the technology they found as you expect it: to create new incredible machines and become rich and powerful in the process. The news of their discovery was finally disseminated despite the best efforts of Atlas and spread like a virus in the known universe. Almost overnight, other companies and even individual adventurers have been looking for wealth by finding more foreign safes.

This is where Pandora comes into play. It was a hostile world, a wild world apparently spared by civilizing influences; In other words, a perfect place to find undiscovered ad vaults. Atlas, now joined by other companies, including Dahl, established a base and started looking for good. Perhaps taking into account the competition of their business, they also trained the Crimson launches, a military guard unit to protect their interests in this new place without law.

The Wild West of American history pale with brutal and border pandemonium that would soon be unleashed on this little rock formerly called Pandora. Even his small moon, Ellis, has not been spared because Dahl Corporation has also developed there, while allocated a dominant position on Pandora herself. The complete recovery of the company continued, apparently tirelessly. But something was wrong with Pandora that no one had planned: after the first seven years, which seemed to be a permanent winter began to thaw, and the summer came, triggering a vague foul of local creatures really disgusting Who made life on Pandora a little too infernal even for the heterogeneous crew of robust rapping that initially signed to move there.

The Complete, Unabridged Timeline of Borderlands

The population has left Pandora en masse. Cities — thrown together in a dilapidated peak in the first daily days after the discovery of the first safe — have been left empty, their rusty abandoned buildings, collapsed and were recovered by snags and other terrible animals. This distant and uncomfortable world. Even Dahl Corporation could no longer justify a continuous presence there and packed its operations, leaving alone in its discouraging struggle to break down the secrets of Pandora.

Things will get worse, however. The Dahl exodus of Pandora left dozens of unhappy and idle unemployed, who inflated the ranks of the gangs of bandits and with hideous wild native creatures, added to the miserable chaos of Pandora. Atlas responded by tightening his hold, using his Crimson forces launches to institute a dictatorial rule. Formerly land of opportunity, a mysterious promising place of riches, Pandora had become a dystopic nightmare, whose poor inhabitants were now governed from the inside by a company (now) without heart and remote, and terrorized from outside by gangs. Screaming vagabonds.

Believe it or not, all this happened even before the start of the first game. In Borderlands, rumors reported something called the safe key, an grid artifact that could be open to open the safe somewhere on Pandora. The problem, of course, was that the trunk key was divided into four fragments, which had naturally been scattered across the planet. A group of Vault Hunters — Roland, Moroccan, Brick and Lilith — gathered in his research. Fighting the Lords of the Bandits, the scarlet launcher and a myriad of other enemies, they finally managed to locate and assemble the parts of the trunk key.

The Pandora trunk was finally found and opened using the trunk key. But as we all know, the path to wealth is never easy; A very powerful guardian, named The Destroyer, waited, ready to defend the safe against looting. The intrepid Vault Hunters have been confronted with a real Herculean challenge in which they died and resumed life several times (if they remembered saving at the right time), but they finally defeated the destroyer (at least it is What they thought), claimed the price of the Vault, and took a well-deserved break in the bathroom.

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