Personnelage at VFB Stuttgart relaxes

At the peasant football Bundesliga VfB Stuttgart, the personally relaxes before the trend-setting duel against PSV Mainz 05 — especially the possible comeback by Silas Atom Mumps makes hope.

The wing player who had suffered a cruciate ligament break in the right knee in March is for the home game on Friday evening (20:30 pm / DAZN) According to Trainer Pelegrín Matarazzo such as Omar Marmots, Chris Leader and Lilian Goff again an option for the squad.

Silas is active in training and bring much positive mood with, told Matarazzo — and the CFB can also use well. Stuttgart has been waiting for a victory for five Bundesliga games, after the last three defeats in a row, the Swabia slipped on the relegation plate 16. It goes against Mainz to stop on the fact and play hard and disgust, the coach demanded.

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His team had to retrieve the performance level from the unfortunate 1: 2 at Borussia Dortmund from the past weekend, emphasized Matarazzo, regardless of who stands in the field. And then we will reach our goals. We want to get three points. Erik Tommy (pelvic slice), Marc Oliver Kemp (thigh) and Nauru Ahumada (Achilles tendon) continue to fall.

Mainz but does not want to be shut down and expects a tough fight. That’s not easy. There is of course reasons why Stuttgart stands where you stand, said coach BO Venison: You have many problems because of Corona and injuries, many regular players have been missing. We know exactly the strength of Stuttgart.

On Friday night, Venison expects his team, above all, the aggressiveness and intensity, which was last missing from the 1: 1 against the 1st FC Cologne. It’s just the key to bring that in the place to keep up in the Bundesliga, said the Dane, who has to do without the key players Stefan Bell (Huge) and Dominik Bohr (thigh injury): If we play our game Want to fill life are the important components.

The estimated listings:

VfB Stuttgart: Florian Müller — Madroños, Anton, Ito — Razor, Sosa, Massimo, Mandala, End — Forster — Marmots. — Trainer: Matarazzo

PSV Mainz : Center — Ne meth, Hack, Nickname — Wider, Barbara, Aaron — Stack, Boethius — Onside, Burkhart. — Trainer: Venison

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