Investigations before completion Case is at the beginning

On Monday, the Kassenärztliche Association North Rhine informed the prosecutors office Bremen informed that the personal details of Markus start in the EDP system of the Vaccine Center Cologne are not recorded. In the vaccination of the coach of the SV Welder Bremen backed on Saturday, the vaccinations are deposited for this location.

In addition, after Rhine informed information, it is clear that the batch number of the reciprocated in the vaccination certificate has never been revised in a vaccine center. In the batch number of the second vacation, it can also be assumed that it was not used on the day of the registered vaccination. Thus, the suspicion of the 47-year-old is hardened to have used a fake vaccination certificate. Depending on the reaction of the accused, for example in a confession, the investigation could be before graduation.

Start gets the opportunity for an opinion

Operation Lady Justice: General Session Consultation
Start now gets the opportunity to submit an opinion. The football teacher has now turned on a lawyer who is in contact with the Bremen prosecutors office. The file was now presented. Whether and how the beginning page is commented, remains to be seen. However, the investigators were delivered for the time being the most important results. If, as Welder Trainer, until recently, to be held at his release, to be vaccinated again, the prosecution would again work with a review.

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