Battlefield 2042 creates it in the top 10 of the most unpopular games on Steam and in the most played

Since November 19 battlefield officially released in 2042 and since then cashed by adult ratings. On Steam, it was even review bombed. Nevertheless, it is played simultaneously by thousands, as it was in the meantime in the top 10 most-played songs of the past few days.

How did Battlefield 2042 on Steam on? Not good. In the first two days of the game in the top 10 most unpopular software game was catapulted tag release came on in the meantime even only 21% positive reviews, with about 10,000 reviews.

Meanwhile, on November 22, Battlefield 2042 comes on Steam at least 25% positive reviews, with 35,000 reviews.

Nevertheless, the game at No. 9 of the Least test games of all time, with an average of 2.52 points. (Via The user score but seems not to testify a lot about how many people play the game ultimately.

Despite Review bombing in the meantime in the Top 10 most-played songs on Steam

How many people have played Battlefield 2042? Despite the thousands of bad reviews it has managed Battlefield 2042 to an impressive number of players on the weekend.

On the release day the game had its first high of 105,397 concurrent players. (Steam
Since then, the maximum daily numbers between 90,000 and 100,000 moves
Battlefield 2042 was still on November 21 at No. 9 of the most-played songs, before GTA Online and behind PUBG.
At the time at which this article is being written (November 22, 10:00 am), it has fallen to place 13th Mornings are naturally but also fewer players from Europe online.

Despite all the criticism Battlefield 2042 to release, so many players motivated to gamble. Although we do not know how many players gamble on EAs own launcher Origin, naturally expected it here again a few more a thousand to be.

But as the big difference between reviews and player numbers come about? In the fans discuss the Subreddit to Battlefield 2042 now.

Review Bombing is always an issue

The Review-bombing phenomenon is already known from other releases. Especially in games with large fan base there is great outcry when the latest offshoot of a series or a long-awaited game does not correspond to their own ideas.

So also with Battlefield, where there is a lot of criticism because of the specialist. Fans also called for on Reddit to the storm, as they in the game lacks a real scoreboard.

These players are then evaluated genadenlos down on corresponding platforms often, Review bombing is called. This has been allowed to experience quite a few games like Borderlands 3, Monster Hunter World or The Last of Us 2 already firsthand.

The reasons for such valuation attacks are different and often put things like the technical condition of a game behind it.

What is with Battlefield 2042, the problem There are primarily two major points?:

The technical condition of Battlefield 2042 is not release-capable.
Battlefield 2042 changed core features of the series and made changes to the basic design.

These factors led to numerous players that frustrated the game commented, criticized the technical condition and to have with the content problems.

This led to a review bombing wave on Steam. Also, on Metacritic has Battlefield 2042, only a user score of 2.3, at around 3200 Reviews. Rate official critics the shooter on Metacritic not quite as bad, but the ratings are mixed.

What think the players: The difference between reviews and player numbers is not surprising for many.

Due Fuchs said: Reddit does not represent all players. No matter how much people want that. (Via Reddit)
Marquicquis writes: At the moment there are 3134 ratings on Metacritic. The game looks bad (have not played it), but yes, thats pretty much a minority for a game series that sells into the millions. (Via Reddit)
Cars Lever replies: That would be 3% of the currently active [Steam-] players. I would be inclined to agree with the idea that people who have been disappointed by the game, the game would be more likely to vote. (Via Reddit)
Turdmogrol confirms this: Seriously, this is the first time in a long time that I reviewed a game. I have enjoyed during my life hundreds of games and rarely weensier one, unless I am angry (via Reddit)

Annoyed and angry players would therefore usually write more often Reviews, if they do not like as satisfied players or novices who just keep jumping to the next title a game. Many have no desire to be pull down by the negative sentiment. So says masterchief99:

The game has glaring problems, for sure, but my friends and I just want a stress-free Battlefield game of the modern era that makes us at least find a working matchmaking server that my Battlefield 4 since day one not even alone offers,

Via Reddit

Also, users Payday things look more relaxed:

Reviews really are not to be all and, as people would like. Its really just a bunch of other people who have an opinion. Just ask yourself how many games you enjoyed before you later realized it was received terrible in the review.

Battlefield 2042 - Before You Buy

BF2042 is in my opinion a fun Battlefield game, not everyone gives a shit about the specialists, as people think on Reddit. As long as the game has no serious problems, it will do well.

Via Reddit

Ultimately, the players will remain nothing more than itself to get a picture of a game to find out about other sources and to deal more closely with it.

The mere look at the ratings of individual titles rarely enough to really know how good or bad a game.

What do you think? Do you see the lousy reviews as justified? Or you may believe also that they convey no real impression of the game?

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