Fortnite now unplayable in China

The subject resoled several millions of players in this country that radically cured the rules of access to online games in recent months. Beijing had indeed limited three, the number of weekly hours as children and adolescents could pass in front of video games. In early November, Epic Games had announced its intention to remove access to Fortnite in China, leaving many gamers still present aside.

It should be noted, however, that the Chinese version of Fortnite was amputated many parameters and possibilities. Violent, obscene and especially politically sensitive content were very framed. The subject was largely commented on the social network Weibo, very popular in China, with more than 470 million views. While the Fortnite community abroad also shared the news on Twitter and TikTok.

A very framed market in China

The END of Fortnite China...

In 2021, Beijing has largely restricted access to video games on its territory, a large national daily room even qualified this Mental Opium media before removing its online item. Popular Games like Honor of Kings, which brought up to 100 million players, had to take drastic action to limit access to less than 18, under the pressure of the government.

Fortnite still remains a very lucrative license for Epic Games. A real hen with gold eggs that generates billions of revenue euros every year around the world.

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