Netflix launches a new and frightening Squid Game clip

Despite having premiered a couple of months ago, fever for Squid Game has not yet finished and Netflix knows it. For this reason, the streaming platform he said launch a new clip on social networks, where they combined the hoop franchise with the work of Hwang Dong-Hyuk to give us a terrifying result that became viral in a matter of minutes.

As you can see, this brief clip created by the artist at 3D, Jake Hellman, shows us the metric doll of the first episode coming out of the television very in the style of Samara Morgan. For those who are still traumatized with the events of this chapter, surely this clip will not like it at all.

Player 001 from Squid Game - Tiktok compilation 2021

If you were concerned that the first season of Squid Game were going to be the last, then you have nothing to fear. Dong-hyuk confirmed several weeks ago that he was already working on a second part, but yes, do not expect it to be released shortly in streaming.

Editors note: Various months have passed since its premiere, but it seems that this new original production continues to dominate the popularity tables. It was to be expected that the series would be to have a second season, but its creator goes that it took him to announce it.

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