The Office was initially mosting likely to feature Jim cheating on Pam up until John Krasinski declined

Television history is littered with iconic couples: Ross and Rachel, Homer and Marge, Ben and Leslie– but none are perhaps quite as special as Jim and also Pam from The Office.

It pains me to state, after that, that the initial plan for the US office comedy s rock steady connection entailed Jim disloyalty on Pam.

Based on Proxy, Jim would certainly have kissed part-time receptionist Cathy throughout the show s 8th period– yet John Kaminski declined to movie the scene.

John Krasinski Reveals Whether Jim & Pam Would Still Be Together | EXTENDED
In the new publication Welcome to Under Mifflin: The Ultimate Oral History of The Workplace, Kaminski recalled the minute where he said no: That s the only time I keep in mind placing my foot down. I keep in mind claiming points that I never assumed I d state before, like, I m not hosting likely to fire it.

On his reasoning behind being so protective of his personality– as well as his connection with Pam– Kaminski said, My sensation is there is a limit with which you can push our audience. They are so dedicated. We have revealed such fantastic respect to them. But there s a moment where if you press them also far, they ll never return. As well as I assume that if you show Jim unfaithful, they ll never ever return.

To this particular day, The Office developer Greg Daniels protects his decision to press the envelope, claiming he had actually planned the minute since fans were really comfy with the show they were getting, and also I needed to worry them that possibly I was going to give them a negative ending.

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