MS 1 000 won Xbox Collaboration with Gucci

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Micro Soft (MS) is the 20th anniversary of the release of the Xbox, bringing the Limited Brand Gucci with a luxury brand Gucci, and the Limited Edition Xbox Console has recently reported.

The product name is Gucci X Box Series X, engraved with Gucci s unique G pattern on the surface of the product, and only 100 will be limited. According to the Gucci website, the price of this product is $10,000 (about 1.18 million won), which is a profound price without a general game user to purchase.

Introducing the $10,000 Gucci Xbox Series X

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If you purchase the product, you can get 2 Gucci theme Xbox controllers and Xbox Games Pass Archive Solitaire, Xbox Brand Travel Bags, which can be put in Xbox. The product can be purchased at the 17th Gucci website and some Gucci stores.

The collaboration of the game company and luxury fashion brand is not the first time this is the first time. Louis Vuitton designed a League of League in 2019, and Valencia, cooperated with Epic Games in the year, and introduces Valencia s digital fashion items on Port Knight.

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