SWC 2021 Korean player who has advanced to Korea

In the World Final 8th tournament of Summer Mourners Wed World Arena Championships 2021 (SIC 2021), two Korean players were held in BIG and European regions, respectively.

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On the 13th, on the SIC 2021 World Final, two Korean players players confrontation with the first place players were held on the 8th and second matches. In three years, a Korean player s second person has been accompanied by a lot of expectations from domestic fans.

In the first game, Korea s Jack- confronted BIG in the Americas, and in the second match, the youngest players and ANDROID, Korea in Korea, and ANDROID in Europe. The game was overflowing with a five-star three leaders.

In the first game, Jack- and Big meet a fierce engagement in the first game. Jack-, who entered the third top of the Asia Pacific Cup, has met Big with Big, and has met a calm strategic confrontation, but BIG has won the right to advantage to the strategic vandal with the strategic vandal to the opponent.. BIG s Vance was a very shone.

In the second match, Second baby, the second-most Asian Pacific Cup, the first place in the European Cup, but the Android, which was the first place, Especially, based on the high damage that was emitted from the set of vans and the hills of the hill, the Vanned Vanned Van and the high damage that was emitted.

BIG and ANDROID, who won the quarter-finals in the River 1 and 2 games, meet in the seminar,

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