Stress sample for FV04 and SVS

If it were only for the sporty, then would this coming weekend of the 20th match day of the plan. But do not go there. Infection levels, or Aunt Corona as it Fests Harald Ziegler — the functionary icon of Sprig Attach — called, makes the sport with increasing force a spanner in the works. What it also is with the humor of the unique Ansbachers in this matter already over and the seriousness and responsibility of the clubs again clearly come to the fore. Because in the meantime it has caught in terms of Corona and the training schedule during the week also significantly influenced some Bavarian division. How far this will now also affect the match day, was not completely clear on Thursday evening after the conclusion of workouts. While four players tested positive for COVID-19 in Killing already last weekend, and the SV came during the week now Seligenporten with time being an actor to do so. When ASV Newmarket lacked least one player who was not yet tested at the time of the derby in the monastery positive, but also could not play as a contact person. And elsewhere waiting for some sufferers still on the results of tests.

As if the sporting situation is not really exciting and stressful enough, now the pandemic plays despite meticulously-observed hygiene measures again a major role. But even if some coaches had already brought a premature exclamation the winter break this week, the Association has been at least not openly taken such a step to consider the part. On 5 November, the Bavarian Football Association nor the practice of the sport in compliance with clear regulations, despite the red traffic light Hospital had allowed. But the situation is changing rapidly for the worse. At least at the district level it seems to become in some thoughts on perhaps already prematurely proclaim the winter break. In some cases only two or three outstanding game days, which may also catch it due to weather conditions, it may need a clear decision to a deadline chaos as well Seligenportens coach Herd Klaus recently feared to prevent.

Amber travel to the team of the moment

The course you want, and so we actually come back on the sporting side, perhaps even avoided in some other club. For example, in the DKK Amber, which is going well. The need to launch the game day on Friday evening for the team of the moment, the ATV Erlangen. But interim coach Kai Hempen was really satisfied with the training operation of his team despite a thin staffing and want this flow naturally like to keep. But the Huguenots townspeople are perfect mood, as you could not see only since the gala performance last weekend in Attach. In the case of a home victory the ATV Erlangen for at least one night even waved Table square one.

Attach wants to find in Immortal back on track

Mixed feelings on the other hand the leaders: coach Christoph Hassle Meier had already announced in August after the home defeat against DKK Killing not to relax. And last Saturday, after the 0: 4 against the ATV promised the coach of the Zero Nine that his team wants to get involved further in front. As for the promise of the exercise conductor are worth at least has proven the preliminaries impressive: Autumn Championship and ten games without defeat. This series is also not lost on Michael Hitler which receives the coach of DKK Immortal, Attach on Saturday. From a well-organized defense, a compact midfield up to a towering storm can be heard when speaking in Immortal on the leader. But you also know about their own ways, and in the preliminary round it, thanks to a competitive final phase, even at a 2: 2 draw handed.

Herculean task for Würzburg and Seligenporten

When seconded Würzburg Killing 04 threatened before the home match against FM meanwhile even a fifth Corona case. Nevertheless, the athletic director Sept Seller, is to be able enough to consist of cadres strong and wide to successfully. Third-placed FC Contract Bamberg on the other hand hopes after the match canceled last weekend to score points again against SV Seligenporten.

And with that we come from the top to the table cellar: The SV SeligenPorten carries at FC Contract Bamberg probably only the role of the outsider, but FC defense chief Christopher Settler warns in front of the opponent: They are better than their table. In the role of the Underdog, the FM 04 Würzburg is likely to be classified in Killing, but how to annoy favorites, the Funsch-Eleven has recently made in Erlangen. The TSV Karl burg hopes in the next subfront Derby against the TSV Abusing, however again on a success experience.

Cellar thriller at Schönbusch

Two other teams in the basement, on the other hand, meet on Saturday directly. At the Schönbusch in Aschaffenburg, the newcomer SV Satan Sport (currently tablespeaucers) receives the table deadline ASV Cham. More relegation fight is probably not really anymore. Two points separate both teams. And at the Lower Franconia you turned to the set screws during the week and leaving head coach Slogan Komjlenovic. His former co-trainer ENSAN Banal should now be directed until the winter break and collect as many points as possible. But as well as the ASV Cham have been waiting for a victory for several weeks. And on both sides, important actors continue to be missing in the long term. At ASV Cham, the Robespierre will be added for Daniel Olathe. Even without aunt corona, the weekend promises to be exciting.


Two games have been canceled prematurely. The home game of the FC sand against the SC moist and also the game of the TSV Großbardorf at ASV Newmarket were relocated to the 4th of December (2 pm).

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