The Nintendo Podcast 169 The Big Comeback Does Donkey Kong come to the cinema

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  1. 1 summary: That sounds in the new episode!
  2. 2The new episode listen directly here!
  3. 3All topics of the 169th episode — Time codes
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Summary: That sounds in the new episode!

Will we see Nintendo-Urstein Donkey Kong soon on the big screen? Allegedly, a movie with the tie-wearing monkey is in work! Meanwhile, the chip scarcity also meets Nintendo with full hardness: production must be reduced, the needs of the Christmas business can not be justice, says the Nintendo President Shun taro Kurosawa. At the same time, the new annual report shows that the switch gradually turns into the stumbling…

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The new episode listen directly here!

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All topics of the 169th episode — Time codes

00: 20 Advertising: NordVPN
12: 25 Chip scarcity meets Nintendo

Switch 2 In The Year 20XX  | Last of the Nintendogs: A NINTENDO PODCAST 019
22: 00 Does the Donkey Kong movie come?
39: 30 The Switch weakened — new numbers
51: 45 Our other podcasts
54: 00 Community: Questions, Feedback, more!

All information about the Nintendo podcast

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