Excessive commissioned controversy from offline standing online true

As well as a fashion platform, such as a universe, jigzag, Brandy and Ableli, Naver Pay, Kakao Pay, and the payment market is growing rapidly.

In summary of controversy, online companies that have diversified in the market are claimed that they take charge of fee, like old department stores and home shopping, and they are not different from facts. Even if it is the same market, it is pointed out that the difference between the on-offline industry is exactly looked at the difference between the offline industry,

Naver Pay payment fee up to 2.2% vs real fee 0.2% ~ 0.3%,

In September, the Democratic Party of Democratic Kim Han-jung said the Sales of W1200 million, the Sales of W1200mm, which is a party to the card company, has been in the range of 0.8 ~ 1.6%. Kim pointed that the credit card was 0.8% and the Naver Pay payment fee was approached up to 2.2% in the case of a fee to be applied to the percentage of 300 million won or less.

The Naver Phase said, The fee, is the fee that is paid to the credit card company, and the credit card, which is due to the payment agency, such as the loss risk, such as the loss risk burden due to the low-cost online shopping mall. In the case of a payment merchant that only provides a simple payment, which only provides a simple payment without ordering management function, except the fee provided to the credit card company at the payment fee, the fee rate of 0.2 to 0.3% was nothing. In summary, for fair comparison, both conditions must be conformed to the same.

Major fee 27.6% vs Actual fee 15%>

This commission controversy is also in the online fashion platform industry. According to the Online Fashion Platform Advisory Actual Survey, which was held by the Central Meeting of SMEs in April, the sales fee of the four major fashion platforms is the average of 26.7%. Then, it is a department store (26.3%) or a general online shopping mall (13.6%), which is pointed out that the faithful platform fee is higher than that.

The dependence of the fashion platform dependence of SMEs that suffer from difficulties in pacemal pioneering, which is that high commissions are a big burden on them. In the sense, the industry-first-leading innocent was criticized for 30% high commission. The commissions of unmanned commissions announced by the mid-sized business center of SMEs are 27.6%.

According to the Survey on the status of the Fair Trade Committee, the 5-to-season) is a 5-rated) ▲ ▲ 26.3% of the Baiyang ▲ ▲ 26.3% ▲ Large Mart 20% ▲ Composite mall, outlets 18% It is.

However, if the fashion platform fee is also detailed, there is a survey result and other aspects. The company s trading solution is from $ 1.2 trillion. Among these, the consignment solution due to the simple intermediation method is about W11.2, and when calculating W123.2bn, the commission sales of W123.2bn, this year, Normally, among the Cancellations, exchange, refunds, etc., are estimated to be 14%, if the rechargeable battery commission commodity trading solution is calculated as 900 billion won, considering that the exchange, refund, etc. of the entire transaction liquid is in stock.

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There is a difference in sales of actual fees for each season, but the real fee rate except for the discount costs to which both of which are denied. Given that the average fee rate of this Ceremon Fashion Category is 13 to 17%, it is similar.

The company said, I do not have to introduce a search ad, I will introduce additional revenue, share a discount coupon cost, and I do not write the burden of the sellers, I do not sell advertising products such as search ads, Like online shopping malls, server costs, content creativity, customer service (CS) ratio, promotional expenses are not buried by sellers. The seller added not only advertising costs for additional exposure, but also freely available for enforcing within the platform.

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