Thank you Odin Cacao Games achieved maximum performance in 3Q

[KISE News 24 Municipal Reporter] Mobile Games Odin: False Rising, and Cacao Games achieved the largest earnings in the third quarter of this year.

On the 3rd Cacao Games (each representative Nam Gong Hoon, Cho Gyu-hyun), the 3Q09, which applied the Korea Adoption International Accounting Standard (K-IFRS), has increased by about 210% YoY to about W466.2bn. Operating profit increased by about 101% YoY to about W42.7bn, and net profit increased by about W44.3bn to about 64% YoY.

In the third quarter of 2021, the launch of the new Odin: Balla Rising was reflected in warmth, and the performance of mobile games and other revenue has added achievement to sales and operating profit in sales and operating profit.

The mobile game division has achieved the first place in sales after the launch of Odin and the sports casual game Friends Shot: Anyone s Golf, and Action RPG World Flipper I made a big width growth.

Especially, Odin has been a positive assessment that it is steadily maintaining a new IP with a new IP in the existing IP-central mobile MMORPG market and a steady stable traffic capable of long-term invitation.

The PC Online Games division has declined to sales of about W17.9bn, depending on the existing game sales stabilization and new game sales scheduling.

Here, other sales in which the company Cacao VX is traction, the boom of the golf industry and the popular popularity of the Golf Industry and the popular popularity of the Friend s popular popularity, and about W37.7bn, achieved about W37.7bn.

5 BIGGEST GAMES on Android & iOS

Cacao Games plans to start changes to Season 2 aimed at Global and Beyond Game.

The first new Umamusume Priti Derby, which is gathering topics, is an exciting action mobile transverse scroll game Kadis Order, Mobile Collection type RPG Evergot, which is a medieval fantasy element, PC Online survival game The colorful genre game, which covers the platform, such as Distera, is present in the domestic and global market. Also, unpublished newcomers such as the new and project Ares (tentative (tentative) of X defeated Games are a policy to disclose their new unpublished new directors sequentially.

In addition, aiming to Beyond games, we expand the realm to the Sports and Metabus sector, which is the play area of ​​the game, the essence of the game, I plan to go out.

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