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Exactly five years after Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun, the real-time tactical game is continued: On December 6, the official standalone enlargement to Shadow Tactics appears on December 6. In it, there are three completely new, extensive story missions and three smaller missions that are supposed to drive the plot. However, Aiko s Choice is not Shadow Tactics 2, which is why there will be no new game mechanics or additional enemy types. Also on the (still pretty) graphic does not change anything. The developers Mimimi Games do not want to carry experiments with Aiko s Choice, but just more of the delivery, which has already awarded the original Shadow Tactics: Toll designed maps, diverse solutions, a dense story and of course exciting Schleich tactics.

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun - Aiko's Choice Gameplay Preview (Hardcore)

Return to the old Japan

Aiko s Choice is independent and does not require the main game. However, the enfola will play at least the first missions from Blades of the Shogun to be familiar with the characters. Of course, the extension plays again in the old Japan during the EDO period. This time, the convertible Aiko moves into the center, which must face an old enemy from their past. At her side, the well-known team members from the main game fight again, so there is a reunion with the Ninja Hayato, the young assassin Yuki and the sniper Takuma. Even the stocky Samurai Mugen seems to celebrate a return, how exactly his appearance is related to the events from the main game, is still unclear.

SHADOW TACTICS: AIKO CHOICE should deal at the normal level of difficulty: Aiko s Choice about 6 to 8 hours. A price is still not fixed, the best way to keep the official Steam product page in mind.

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Shadow Tactics: Aiko s Choice: The standalone extension appears on 6 December 2021 [Source: Daedalic / Mimimi Games]

Why not Shadow Tactics 2?

Mimimi Games worked on a new project after the excellent desperados 3 (here in the test), which has so far only carries the code name sweet potato. However, there was a gap between the two games in which the team did not want to stay inactive – and so they decided to develop aiko s choice before project sweet potato is fully in production. More details and backgrounds can be found in our last preview, for which we talked to the developers.

In our test video to the main game, we show you why Shadow Tactics has thrilled us five years ago.

Price Tip: Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun is currently reduced to Steam again!

Are you looking forward to aiko s choice or would you prefer a full successor? Write us your thoughts!

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