Correct allocated STG Solcrsta A further quality improvement aim at the aim Sorry released postponement Delivery new stages and open video etc

Platinum Games, delivered on November 3, Sorcrsta Kamiya Hiroki s Raw Broadcasting, the release date of self-universal shooting game Sorcrsta will be postponed from December 9, 2021 Presented.

According to delivery, the reason for postponement is to aim for the game further quality up. It is said that we decided to postpone this time by thinking that it will make a new idea and providing a more wonderful game. It will be published again for the new release date.

In the delivery, many of the latest information on the same work appear. In addition to stage 2 information that was unloped until now, we have published the demonstration scene of Caravan mode that competes with scores in 5 minutes play. Other additional information such as option settings and in-game achievements are also revealed.

At the end of the video, the opening video of the game to be the first public is also released. A lot of information is packed with the old fing fan, which is hidden on the screen when Kamiyuki Kamiyuki is playing.

Sol Crunch will be released 2022 for PC (STeam) / PS4 / Nintendose switch.

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