Who are the eternals What skills do they have and why are they so important in Marvel

Eternals is the new Marvel Studios movie in Marvel s cinematographic universe, our next film appointment within phStudiose 4. It will also be our first approach with not so media characters or known in the ideStudios, but very important for What they represent in the comics and, consequently, in what can become this universe of Disney. Let s know them.

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Who are the eternal? Skills and characters confirmed in the movie

The eternal are a race of immortal beings incapable of aging that they lived on Earth to protect humans from the detriates more than 7,000 years ago. Unlike traditional humans, Eternal have a genetics modified by the celestial, which hStudios endowed them with extraordinary powers and unique capabilities to save the universe in cStudiose of emergency.

Among all its skills highlights the ability to manipulate matter at the atomic level, telepathy or levitate capacity.

The heavenly, alien race, wStudios looking for the creation of eternal the appearance of Earth defenders before any vulnerability. The original creation in the comics dates back to the number 1 of The Eternals in July 1976. Jack Kirby wStudios the author of this cStudiost (which left DC Comics to come to Marvel), now transferred to the audiovisual world for Chloé Zhao, who is He recently commissioned from Nomadland.

In the film, according to the official synopsis, have remained living on earth in secret for thousands of years, but why did not they intervene to protect the planet from Thanos s plans and the click of him? It is confirmed that the movie will take place after the events narrated in avengers: endgame.

At the argument level, the comics of the eternal relates epic stories with mythological and science fiction concepts. Initially, the name of the series wStudios the celestial, then return from the gods and, finally, for legal issues they had to change their name and baptized definitively Studios the eternal.

These are the eternal confirmed in the Eternals film:

Angelina Jolie Studios Tena Richard; Madden Studios ikaris; Kumil Nanjiani Studios Kingo; Lauren Ridloff like Makkari; Brian Tyree Henry Studios PhStudiostos; Salma Hayek Studios Ajak; Lia Mchugh Studios Sprite; Don Lee like Gilgamesh; Barry Keoghan Studios Druig; Gemma Chan Studios Seri; Kit Harington Studios Dane Whitman / Black Knight; Harish Patel Studios Karun and Haaz Sleiman Studios husband of PhStudiostos

Eternals premieres around the world this November 5

Eternals will arrive only in cinemStudios around the world this Friday November 5 and will be part of PhStudiose 4 of Marvel s cinematographic universe. Now, it is not this the only pending quote we have before ending the year with Disney UCM; Specifically, a film and a series: December 17 with Spider-Man: no way home and the Disney + series-bStudiosed series and Hawk and Kate Bishop on November 24, within only a few weeks.

The Eternals, Explained!
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