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Ghost of Tsushima contains several mythical stories, long quests telling of Tsushima s largest legends, and The legend of Tadayori is one of the earliest mythical stories that you will come across when you work on it Island Tsushima from recording the incident Mongolian armed forces. If you conclude this quest, you will be rewarded with a moderate increase in the legend, but the true draw of the quest is Tadayoris armor. Tadayoris armor offers several advantages that Jins improve Archery skills If you prefer to fight the Mongols from afar, this armor set will prove very useful for you on your search. To finish the legend of Tadayori Mythic Tale in Ghost of Tsushima and receive Tadayoris armor.

Start the legend of Tadayori

Every mythical story begins with a musician who tells everyone who listens the story of Tsushima s heroes. The musician who tells The Legend of Tadayori can be found in the Azamo region of Izuhara. Near the river in the southwestern part of Izuhara there is a place called Rashing Bending. The musician is located in a human camp south of Rustling Bend. If you have not discovered Rustling Bend yet, find it near a river bend north of the river wetlands of the river kid. Speak to the musician to start the quest.

Looking for violet flowers

The first step in the search for the legend of Tadayori is to find some Violet flowers. Follow your target mark until you reach your destination. Explore the environment and look for a small Spiralberg covered with the violet flowers you are looking for. Just follow the flowers up and examine the items on the summit. After interacting with the incense and container you will find a card This will serve as a guide to the next part of the quest.

Locate the location displayed in the map

This part of the quest contains no objective markers or other hints, so you need to navigate Tadayori s rest The old-fashioned way. Luckily it is not too hard. Look into the opposite direction of the shrine to the horizon. Straight out you should see more Violet flowers on a glade, which to a mountain with yellow trees at its peak. That s your goal.

Explore the foot of the mountain near the flowers, until Jin says you have to find another way. Look for a small lantern. Next to this lantern is a tiny Crawlspace that s just big enough to fit through. Get off your horse and approach the crawl room to enter Tadayori s rest. Continue and you will hit a bump cemetery. Examine all objects in the area and you will be hit with a duel.

Duel at Tadayori

A woman named Kaede will approach you and introduce a duel to protect Tadayori s rest. Use your skills with a sword to prove to you that you are really that you say that you are. This duel is quite straightforward, but if you tackle this task early, while you still have the overview of the combat system of Ghost of Tsushima, it can be difficult.

Here are some tips for defeating Kaeather.

Hold up your guard. Block More often than you attack and run strong attacks or long combos if you have a safe opening.
Soft out whenever you see a red display. These attacks are unblockable and Kaede will be vulnerable to a short moment when they dodge their attack.
Try to parry as many of your strikes as possible. The parry opens a large window in which you can achieve hits, and can finish this fight quickly.

After defeating Kaede in the duel, she ll tell you exactly where you can find Tadayoris armor. Your next destination is azamo bay.

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Free the musician

After riding until azamo bay you will find a musician surrounded by Mongols. Take it out as you like, but make sure to keep an eye on the musician. If you see Mongols with a red symbol over them, this means that you are on the way perform your ally. Talk to him after saving the musician. More Mongols are on the way, but they have now Tadayoris armor to help you. Mongols will appear in large numbers, but fortunately there are many arrows nearby. This situation is perfect to test the arch shooting capabilities of Tadayori s armor, but you do not have to use your bow if you do not want. After all the Mongols were killed, the search is finally over.

What makes Tadayoris armor?

Tadayoris armor is perfect for Ghost of Tsushima players who like to use their arc. There has a total of three advantages, which contribute to JINN bow shooting capabilities. The first increases the arrow palm and rechargeable speed So you can fire arrows faster. The second advantage increases the duration of the concentration ability that slows the time when targeting a sheet. However, if you have not unlocked the concentration, this advantage is useless for the time being. Finally, the third advantage causes headshots Place 25% of the concentration meter, which in turn does not bring much if you have not unlocked the ability. Tadayoris armor makes archery in Ghost of Tsushima to a very powerful strategy, and the armor set is becoming stronger when you improve it.

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