Disney will premiere a new episode of Marvel Studios Legends in preparation for Hawkeye

MARVEL Studios: Legends is a series of Disney Plus that premiered on January 8 on its streaminga platform proposing something different from what the company had become accustomed until then, because with legends, Marvel collects in each chapter the most iconic moments of some of his characters, focusing on each episode in a character other than UCM.

In addition, the episodes are of a very reduced duration, of only five minutes, and in them a fleeting summary of these characters is made with the goal that we can have a first approach to them if we do not know their stories and we want to go into them to them for Do not miss in the vast Marvel s cinematographic universe.

Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye | Official Trailer | Disney+
Therefore, so that we prepare for the premiere of the Series ojo de Halcón (Hawkeye) on November 24, Disney Plus will launch a new episode of Marvel Studios: Legends centered on hawkeye, that it will land on the platform on the day November 12, with enough margin to give us time to update with the character.

Doing a bit of recapitulation, the Halcon -eiling series will place us before the events that occurred in Avengers: EndGame, and will make us follow the adventures of Clint Barton, better known as Hawk Eye, and Kate Bishop, a young archery so skilled with the arc as Hawkeye himself.

The series is based on the comics of Fraction Hawk Eye and AJA, and will teach us how Clint Barton welcomes Kate Bishop and decides to teach you everything you need to turn it into a great justice.

Another remarkable character that we will find in hawkeye will be that of Yelena Belova, a spy that will look for Barton to take revenge on the death of her sister after the events that occurred in widow black, as she He is responsible for the superhero of this tragedy.

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