Stadia enables new game functions by streaming in up to 20 great releases

Stadia continues to work on offer new ways to enjoy the industry to developers and users, a work that seems to bear fruit little by little. In this sense, Google has announced that there are already 20 launches that take advantage of some kind of streaming service innovation aimed at changing the way they play, share and experience video games players.

With a combined total of more than 25 functions integrations in more than 20 games, There is no shortage of creativity, experimentation and fun with Stadia. And now, you can explore all games that support each function with the new categories From the Stadia store for State Share, Stream Connect, Crowd Play and Crowd Choice, details in a Google statement next to a list of compatible games.

What is State Share?

Google Stadia 2021 - Before You Buy

State Share (or share status) allows users to share playable fragments in their videos and screenshots of their games so that they themselves, or other users, can access specific parts of the game that will have specific conditions.

What is Stream Connect?

Stream Connect (or simultaneous broadcast) is a function that allows the releases that includes changing the experience offered by the cooperative game, by allowing the player and his teammates to see the screens of others while playing.

What is Crowd Play?

Crowd Play (or group game) YouTube viewers can participate in live broadcast that are watching and playing with YouTube creators.

What is Crowd Choice?

To finish, Crowd Choice (or Favorite of the Community) is a function that allows YouTube creators to create their own surveys for viewers to decide what will happen in a game during a live broadcast. The questions and the results of the survey are displayed in the Youtube chat window.

Through an entry in the Stadia blog you can find more information on how these functions are applied in titles such as Doom Eternal or Far Cry 6.

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