NBA News Philadelphia 76ers would probably put fines for Ben Simmons to Trade

The Philadelphia 76ers will not prove Ben Simmons with fines that report several media. Simmons allegedly lost almost $ 2 million in the first weeks of season preparation, as he did not appear to the training camp and the Sixers games.

First, Ramona Shelburne ( espn ) notified that the Sixers have set the fines for their Point Guard, shortly thereafter, Marc Stein ( Substack ) also confirmed the message. When exactly the franchise has stopped to punish Simmons for missed training, is unclear.

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Presumably, the decision was made on Friday after Simmons had met with the team officers as well as his teammates and Head Coach Doc Rivers. Allegedly all pages had granted a complicity for the difficult situation and Simmons revealed his teammates that he mentally is unable to play currently for the Sixers.

Simmons are currently lacking officially for personal reasons, in the collective agreement of the NBA with the player union NBPA, a clause is included, which protects the salary payments to a player in case of mental problems. The Sixers accept this according to Shelburne and want to support the 25-year-old with the coping of his mental problems.

Over the past few weeks, espn had accumulated almost $ 2 million on fines for Simmons, as he did not appear to training camp and preseason games to force a trade. Even for the official season opener of the Sixers Simmons was suspended without salary after being refused to participate in a training drill and sent home by Coach Rivers.

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After a summer of trade rumors, team officers and teammates of Simmons last expressed their support. Things seem to develop into a positive direction, said Team President Daryyl Morey. However, it is still considered likely that Simmons will leave the franchise. Maybe he will have to be patient for a trade but for a while.

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