Souldiers is a beautiful Metroidvania with an artistic departure care that fills us with nostalgia

Metroidvania are more fashionable than ever and the arrival of a new delivery of the iconic saga that shares name in the genre has only managed to increase interest in these particular games of exploration, action and platforms . Metroid Dread arrived on October 8, standing as one of the great releases of the year with a master resurrection of the Metroid 2D saga.

Changing the Interest Rate: Savers and Borrowers
Vibrant colors and designs full of details Meanwhile, Dear Villagers has presented Souldiers , a promised Metroidvania that stands out for a artistic departure Pixel style art, with some Vibrant colors and designs full of details reminiscent of the times of 16 bits . In the trailer we can see explorer, the archer and the sorcerer , discovering a world with different very different regions with each other.

In Souldiers, we will arrive at Terragaya , a land in the confines of beyond , with the aim of finding the guard and advance between the different worlds, but none of the heroes really died and will have to open Road resolving puzzle , exploring every corner as we improve our characters.

We will walk on the threshold between life and death In this fantasy world where body-to-body combat is the pillar of its action. The world of Terragaya is interconnected and in it we will find classic elements of the genre: Puzzles, treasures, bosses and hidden roads . Souldiers is described as a meteridvania with climbing soulty-style combats . Its launch is scheduled for Spring 2022 for PC Ynintending Switch . If you are fans of the genre, you may also be interested in the new trailer of Aeternna Noctis, presented at the Sitges Festival.

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