Richard Madden talks about how he has been to work with Kit Harington his partner at game of thrones and Eternals

EternalS is the new superproduction of Marvel s cinematographic universe that we can see in cinemas this Christmas, and its premiere makes both the fans of the UCM who want to know the origins of their universe, as the fans of Game of thrones .

The apparently null relationship between these two productions makes them connect by two of their interpreters: Richard Madden, which will be put on the skin of ikaris , and Kit Harington , who will be the gentleman Black .

Both actors starred in their day Game of Thrones as members of the family Stark , and they were together on the screen until their ways separated and … well, you already know the things that happened later, When red wedding .

Years later and in a different context, these two stars will be together again thanks to the new Marvel , and on the set of filming we find some other situation that could make us remember the series of HBO , as the presence of a character called SERSI , to which it gives life Gemma Chan and whose name seems suspiciously to that of CERSEI LANNISTER .

But Madden and Harington barely took into account this reunion that is so longed for their fans: I think we forgot it, she confessed Richard Madden A Screen Rant in a recent interview with the environment.

Kit and I have been friends for a long time and Gemma [chan] also , said Madden, who went on to tell the a night s anecdote in which the three came out to dinner.

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More than any similar thing they could find with Game of Thrones Being the three together, what the most disconcerted them from the situation was made of being on the street chatting and realizing that they were working, but among friends. It was just that I was there, with my friends, at work, Madden concluded.

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