Retro video game boom

The boom that we are living at this moment of the Retro video games is an indisputable fact in the Game Universe. The games that have been a great leap for the community of players will expose them in this short selection. Ready to jump, jump and jump without stopping?

With the term retro we intend to refer to the period covered by the first generation of personal consoles and computers as a collection Telstar or Pong of Antari, until those of a fifth generation that would go through Sega Saturn or Atari Jaguar.

Retro videogames are fashionable

If we focus on the last decades of the past century, the most characteristic retro videogames are the following:

Donkey Kong

One of the highest representatives of the retro gender in video games, we find it represented in Donkey Kong. The truth is that it was called in this way, simply, to take advantage of the success of the movie King Kong. His protagonist,, who was then called Jumpman, had as a mission to jump the barrels that launched the evil simian.

The creator of this game, Miyamoto, wanted to make a title based on the character of Popeye, but by not getting the rights, he had to change the characters.

Saga Mario Bros

Since its appearance in 1983 of the first Mario, we should stop at some really interesting deliveries such as 1985, Super Mario Bros 3 in 1988, Super Mario World in 1990 or Super Mario 64 in 1996.

The truth is that each of these deliveries supposed a point of inflection in the videogame market. And, is that, we are facing one of the most important sagas in history.

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Sonic 2

The popular blue hedgehog that at this time seems not to raise his head, became a success for the industry. The truth is that it introduced playable mechanics as an unusual speed for the time (we are talking about 1992) or the collection of the rings that served as maximum protection for the hero.

This sequel supposed a revolution with respect to the previous delivery, then, among other things, he introduced a second character called Tails. Even though at first time was thrown at Master System, the mythical 8-bit console of Sega, later also left for Mega Drive. Another great innovation we find it in competitive mode for two players, in addition to the cooperative


We can not forget about mythical Pitfall, born in 1982, was considered by many as the first platform game with lateral scroll. Following the line of mythical cinema adventurers such as Indiana Jones, the protagonist character of this title should be balanced, jumping, dodging or down stairs to overcome different levels.


Logically, we can not leave another one of the minted retro videogames like Pac-Man, the Game de Namco created in the year 1980, which became the best-selling game machine in history.

The original name of Pac-Man is Paku-Paku, which in Japanese means eating , but upon arriving in the United States the name of it was modified by Pac-Man by the similuts of the words puck and fuck .

One of the tricks that followed not a few players was to turn aside and then on the contrary quickly to dodge the ghosts.

Along with all these, we can also highlight many others such as Space Invaders, Manic Miner, Rainbow Islands, Rocket Knight Adventures or Ape Scape.

What do you think of these Retro video games ? What others would add to the list?

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