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PS Plus In November 2021, new games returns to the subscriber not to pay extra. The bonus titles provide for heated debates, like every month, and the fantasy suggests: What games will it be this time? Drumhera has established itself a tradition, assessing guesses, to give tips and to express wishes. We look at what is currently called the most common and want to know what you want.

still far ahead, but probably unrealistic: Sekiro

PS plus in November 2021 consists of two PS4 titles, a PS5 game and three PSVR titles. Accordingly, of course, the predictions and desire ideas fall in subreddit thread . However, in the face of the game lineups by PS Plus in recent months, this looks rather more colors. Many fans do not make great hopes.

Nonetheless, a whole lot of people meet the prediction or exercise the desire for that Sekiro: Shadows the Twice might really be part of the bonus games at PS plus. The From Software title has already been mentioned several times in the past and is popular. But it is not too likely, but it does not affect, as the game is probably still good and too comparatively high prices.

Here you can get an idea of ​​it:

These are the other favorites and hopes of the community:

persona 5

Especially judgment is acted in the light of the publication of the successor as a reasonably hot candidate. That was the case again last month. But because Halloween is, but could also be visage and Aliens: Fireteam Elite on the list. Just like the first part of the Crysis Remaster Trilogy, because Part 2 and 3 are now also outside. Some fans also believe Marvel s Avengers and Gran Turismo Sport .

When will the PlayStation Plus games of the month of November 2021 reveal?

Expected revelation: 27 . October (Wednesday)
Expected time: at 17:30 (German time)
Activation of PS plus games: 2 . November (Tuesday)

Be your member of the fee-based service, you can download the titles without further additional costs. Proper rumors with reasonably reliable speculations or leaks have not yet existed to the PS plus games in November 2021. So it remains exciting and of course we also want to know of you:

What do you suspect, what do you want, what is your realistic looked at?

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