New Eternals clip apparently confirms Superman and also DC exist in the MCU

DC s iconic hero Superman has been namechecked in a new Eternals clip– seemingly confirming that he exists as a fictional character in Marvel s universe.

The Introducing the Eternals featurette shows the boy of Brian Tyree Henry s Phastos confusing Richard Madden s Ikaris not with a bird or an airplane– yet the Guy of Steel himself.

Dad, that s Superman– with the cape … as well as you were firing laser light beams out of your eyes, the kid claims.

While it s absolutely nothing greater than a knowing nod to the competition, it sure is enjoyable to take into consideration that Superman– and, by extension, DC– become part of the MCU in some method.

DC and also Marvel have actually playfully traded back-and-forths in the web pages of their comic books for years currently and even took part in a huge crossover event, back in 1996. This is the very first real, straight reference from Wonder on the cinema, however.

Oddly enough, James Gunn has actually exposed he has spoken with both Wonder and DC about an on-screen crossover.

I ve delicately talked with the powers-that-be at both Wonder and also DC concerning it, he wrote on Twitter. I would enjoy for it to occur. I don t believe it s most likely, however I do not think it s an impossibility either. THAT SAID, simply frequently seeing crossovers and mashups is less enchanting to me than a strong story.

Eternals is set to release in theaters on November 5– yet, be alerted: post-credits shocks are currently being spoiled on social media sites.

For much more on the MCU s future plans (without DC, regretfully), look into our full overview to Wonder Stage 4.

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