NBA News Back pain Ben Simmons misses next training of the Philadelphia 76ers

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Ben Simmons has not completed an individual training planned for him at the Philadelphia 76ers and instead treat themselves on the back, as Adrian Wojnarowski ( espn ) reports. In addition, Sixers President Daryl Morey emphasized that no trade is right for Simmons.

After complaints about back pain, Simmons was therefore examined briefly on the back before the physiostab of the Sixers became the individual workout release. However, Simmons refused, a shared team training did not exist on Thursday.

Rich Paul, the agent of the Australian, have already informed the responsible persons of the franchise that Simmons Mental is currently not ready to play. The people responsible for Morey want to meet again on Friday morning with Simmons to talk about the next steps.

On the Injury Report for the top game of the Sixers against the Nets in the night on Saturday, Simmons are listed as questionable due to return to the competition . Participation in the game would be very surprising at the current time.

No trade for Simmons in sight

However, the long-lasting conflict could take some time according to Morery. You will think that I m doing jokes, but I do not do that. This could take four years old, said the President of Basketball Operations opposite the radio station 97.5 THE FANATIC.

Morey continued to explain: We are in the prime of Joel Embid s career, this is not a short-term affair. Every day we expect Ben Simmons back to us, or we will trade him for a player who can make a difference. People should do a difference Make it comfortable, that will take a long time.

After a two-week strike during season preparation, Simmons returned to the 76ers on October 11, but has not yet been fully participating in a training of the team.

On Monday he was sent home from Head Coach Doc Rivers when he refused to participate in an exercise. For this, the team has suspended him for the first season game against the New Orleans Pelicans. Through his strike, Simmons already received the $ 2 million in penalties through the 76ers.

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